Mike Huckabee must raise money for his campaign to compete with the other candidates who have deep pockets. Deep pockets mean deep commitments to those who filled the pockets.

Mike Huckabee has commitmented himself to the people of this nation . . .
you and me.

Let's support him with whatever we can!
None of us can give more than $2,300 per election cycle.
Most of us can't afford that.
But we can give $25, $50 or $100.

Excerpt from the Article link to the right:
Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor, has repeatedly said he understands his fundraising challenges, but has criticized the money race.

In speeches in early primary states, he has said he would "rather put the election up on eBay to the highest bidder" if money was the only factor in the race.

Our support is critical