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Huckabee's Breakout Performance

Howard Fineman explains how Mike Huckabee won the debate and why he's a contender.

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CBS News: "Huckabee Shines in Debate

Generally it’s not easy to declare true winners and losers in these debates, but there’s no doubt that Huckabee made the most headway. As his campaign – smaller, lesser funded and out-organized – struggles to capitalize on the sudden surge he’s seen in the polls, this nationally televised debate allowed him to reintroduce himself to GOP primary voters. And he did not disappoint.

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November 28, 2007
Huckabee floats idea of sending Hillary Clinton to space
Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee would be happy to see Sen. Hillary Clinton go into space.
(CNN) — Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee outlined one special plan he'd consider for NASA's exploration of space.
"Maybe Hillary can be on the first rocket to Mars," he said, referring to the Democratic presidential frontrunner.
The Republican presidential candidate responded to a question asking if more money would be put into space exploration. His witty response about Clinton generated cheers from the St. Petersburg audience and followed his description of the earthly benefits of NASA's programs.
"Whether it's the medical technologies that saved many of our lives and the lives of our families, it's the direct result from the space program," he said. "We need to put more money into space and technology exploration."


Shock polls: Huckabee leads in Iowa, Rudy craters in South Carolina
posted at 11:12 am on November 28, 2007 by Allahpundit
Imagine if Huck had money. Actually, if this keeps up, you won’t have to imagine:

New Rasmussen Iowa Poll Mike Huckabee in FIRST PLACE !
The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of the Iowa caucus finds former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee with 28% of the vote, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney with 25% support,

Holy Smokes: Huckabee Leads in Iowa
November 28, 2007
Do we have a new frontrunner in Iowa? The last Rasmussen Poll shows that Mike Huckabee now leads Mitt Romney in Iowa. It looks like we have a political version of David and Goliath going on. Huckabee, with his limited budget is starring in the role of David. Mitt Rommey, with all his money and time invested in Iowa is the Goliath.

Hope for our Families: Mike Huckabee

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They put the Lucy Shea video below on the Blog. Check out the comments which where great!

One in particular touched my heart: scroll down to Randal Allen's comment, An amazing story!

If you haven't viewed the video please do so (almost 1600 views at this writing in 2 days)
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I did the video in 20 minutes based on something I wrote the day Lucy Shea was born. (NOV. 1, 2007) I wanted to get it on before Children's day began to assist our fund raising efforts on November 20th.

My son and I hope to redo this with a little higher level of quality.

Say it with me: "HuckaSurge!"

The new Washington Post/ABC News poll of Iowa shows Mike Huckabee catching up with Mitt Romney. Romney leads with 28%, followed close behind by Huckabee at 24% — a statistical dead heat. Fred Thompson is in third with 15%, and Rudy Giuliani is at 13%.

Keep the Huckasurge going!

Paraphrasing the great Kevin Tracy:
We (us, the grassroots) need to raise $1 MILLION for Governor Huckabee by midnight tonight!
This is an incredible task and it would put Governor Huckabee at about$3 million cash on hand going into December! Although it may not be the $30 million Romney has, the Huckabee campaign has proven they can spend $1 more effectively than Romney’s can spend $10. In fact, they can spend it better than $100 for Romney.

If you donate $100 to Governor Huckabee, it would be like donating $10,000 to Mitt Romney.

Talk about fiscal conservatism!

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Here's Why I Like Mike:
Lucy Shea, my granddaughter born 11/1/07.

This Will Shake up Washington!

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has spent $10.2 million on television advertising this year -- a record amount at this point in a presidential campaign -- according to new data provided to CNN.

Romney is spending more than $85,000 a day -- $600,000 last week alone -- on campaign commercials, according to TNSMI/Campaign Media Analysis Group, CNN's consultant on political television advertising spending.

His presidential campaign commercials have aired more than 14,500 times.

Mike Huckabee will start several ads soon. This is the fist I mean first and


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I Like Star, Star Likes Mike

Star Parker Endorses Huckabee

Editor's note: I met Star Parker at The Governor's Conference on the Family about 9 years ago, while serving on the Governor's staff. She has an amazing story and she is an amazing person.

Former Arkansas Governor and Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee adds Ms. Star Parker to the growing list of endorsements by members of the faith community. Ms. Parker is founder and president of CURE*, Coalition on Urban Renewal and Education, a national conservative think tank focused on breaking the cycle of poverty.

“I’ve known Ms. Parker for more than ten years and I have come to admire her character and determination,” Huckabee said. “I’m proud to have her support because we share many of the same views on faith and family.

“America is at a crossroads and this country needs a president with the moral clarity to understand what is wrong at its core,” Parker said. “Mike Huckabee has the passion and vision to get America back on track toward a civil, just, and virtuous society.”

Parker is a leading social policy consultant and media commentator, the author of three books and a weekly nationally syndicated newspaper column. She is widely recognized for her successful transition from being single welfare mother to an entrepreneur, civic leader and social activist.

Star Parker is the founder and president of CURE, the Coalition on Urban Renewal & Education, a 501c3 non-profit think tank that provides a national voice of reason on issues of race and poverty in the media, inner city neighborhoods, and public policy.

Prior to her involvement in social activism, Star Parker was a single welfare mother in Los Angeles, California. After receiving Christ, Star returned to college, received a BS degree in marketing and launched an urban Christian magazine. The 1992 Los Angeles riots destroyed her business, yet served as a springboard for her focus on faith and market-based alternatives to empower the lives of the poor.

As a social policy consultant, Star Parker gives regular testimony before the United States Congress, and is a national expert on major television and radio shows across the country. Currently, Star is a regular commentator on CNN, CNBC, CBN, FOX News, and the United Kingdom's BBC. She has debated Jesse Jackson on BET; fought for school choice on Larry King Live; defended welfare reform on the Oprah Winfrey Show, and spoke at the 1996 Republican National Convention.

Star Parker’s personal transformation from welfare fraud to conservative crusader has been chronicled by ABC’s 20/20; Rush Limbaugh; Readers Digest; Dr. James Dobson; The 700 Club; Dr. George Grant; the Washington Times; Christianity Today; Charisma, and World Magazine. Articles and quotes by Star have appeared in major publications including the Washington Post and the New York Times.

Star has written three books. Her autobiography "Pimps, Whores & Welfare Brats" was released in 1997 by Pocket Books, "Uncle Sam's Plantation" is released by Thomas Nelson in the fall of 2003, and "White Ghetto: How Middle Class America Reflects Inner City Decay" was released in 2006. Today, in addition to heading CURE, Star is a syndicated columnist for Scripps Howard News Service, offering weekly op-eds to more than 400 newspapers worldwide, including the Boston Herald, the Dallas Morning News, The Orange County Register, San Diego Union, Arkansas Democrat Gazette, the Washington Times, and the Star and Stripes, the largest paper serving the men and women of our Armed Forces.

ARG Poll: Huckabee and Romney Virtually Tied

Republicans Nov 10-14

26% Romney

24% Huckabee

13% Undecided

11% Giuliani

11% Thompson

10% McCain

3% Paul

1% Hunter

1% Tancredo


Pro Life endorsement of Huckabee!

Thomas Glessner, founder and president of the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA) has given a stirring endorsement for Mike Huckabee and a gentle reminder to The National Right to Life Committee and other leaders of Christian profamily organizations that a principled endorsement is more important than a pragmatic endorsement.

NIFLA provides legal services to Pregnancy Resource Centers. Glessner has served as CEO of NIFLA for 15 years and has had a national leadership role in the pro-life movement since 1987.

Glessner said Huckabee is someone "who has the moral convictions and commitment to work to end the cultural nightmare of abortion."

"Now is not the time to pragmatically endorse and support candidates who have questionable records on abortion simply because conventional political wisdom appears to tell us that they have the best chance of winning," said Glessner in an endorsement letter."This is not the time to hope for the best from the worst of candidates because it appears that they are the probable winners," he said. "No! There is too much at stake, and if we fail to support the candidates who truly support us then we have failed ourselves."

Watch for our true leaders to emerge!
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This nation will not go to the highest bidder!

Mark Preston CNN Political Editor wrote, "Romney is spending more than $85,000 a day -- $600,000 last week alone -- on campaign commercials, according to TNSMI/Campaign Media Analysis Group, CNN's consultant on political television advertising spending. His presidential campaign commercials have aired more than 14,500 times."

Who’s more electable? The man with money (with contributions from his own personal wealth) or the man with the message. Let's get the grassroot efforts going!

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According to the latest CBS/New York Times poll,
Mike Huckabee has made significant gains in Iowa.

27% Romney
21% Huckabee
15% Giuliani
9% Thompson
4% Paul
4% McCain
3% Tancredo
2% Hunter

Let's Unify Behind Mike Huckabee

Janet Folger wrote:

Needed: Unity, not compromise

I have had people ask me to blast the leaders who have made outrageous endorsements. I have not. I have been asked to blast a prominent pro-life group that is making an endorsement today. I will not. What I will do is continue to differentiate where the candidates stand on the deal-breaker issues of the right to life and marriage.

We need unity – but what we don't need is compromise. The only thing this latest endorsement shows us is that our leaders are divided. The good news is that the grass roots are not. The two best indicators of where values voters stand are those who attended the Values Voter Presidential Debate and Summit where Gov. Mike Huckabee won both contests with more votes than all of the other candidates – combined. The 5-to-1 margin in both was clear – the leaders may be divided, but the values voters are not. We need a place of unity, not a place of compromise.

Our leaders are divided and on the wrong track. I call for all Christians to pray for them. Fear and finances have replaced faith and family values. A historic reminder: Gov. Mike Huckabee is exactly where Ronald Reagan was in 1979 in the polls and in finances. With everything up for grabs in this next election, NOW is the time for the uncompromising and unified grass roots to rise up and lead.

Full article, it's worth reading!

Principle vs Pragmatism

Last night my wife and I called the National Right to Life Committee. We were told there has not been an endorsement and one is not expected.

Today they endorsed Thompson!
Here's the release
I called 202-626-8825

I asked if they supported the amendment.
She said, "yes."

"Why would you endorse a man who doesn't?"

"It's a pragmatic decision."

"So Pragmatic is more important than principles?"

no answer.

"So your organization no longer supports the amendment that has been on the Republican platform since 1980?"

"Yes, we do."

"But your candidate doesn't."

"It's a pragmatic decision."

"What is pragmatic about it? Thompson has been falling in the polls while Huckabee has been rising."

"I can't answer that."

"What's wrong with Mike Huckabee?"

"Nothing." (a little softer reflective tone, then her voice almost sad sounding) "It's a pragmatic decision."

I truly feel sorry for those who are part of the Right to Life organization. It must be very disheartening. I wonder how many more babies will die?

"For organizations like National Right to Life, Family Research Council, the Christian Broadcast Network and others to maintain their strength and viability, the issues they fight to resolve must remain unresolved.
Now that is true pragmatism!"

Let's keep calling and questioning until we get an honest answer.

And if you want to find another Ministry to send your money to
email me Here for suggestions.

Should we ask for our money back?

All of us have supported, at some level those pro family organizations fighting for us in Washington.

I'm not sure if Pogo actually said this but as I look at so many of the leaders of these Organizations I think of the quote: "We have met the enemy and he is us!"

One of the most baffling events related to this campaign is the resistance of the establishment Washington insiders who lead our well established Christian organizations. We thought they were looking out for the interests of our families and our faith. It turns out they were looking out for their own interests.

What are you feeling about this?

I kind of feel duped by con men.
I feel betrayed.
I want God's money back to use where it should have gone in the first place, my church for ministry.
The events of recent days caught me totally off guard.

The persecution of Christians throughout the world is escalating. Over 100,000 are killed each year because they stand by their principle and beliefs.
Many of our leaders are teaching us how to stay alive in America.
What do you think? email me at 4huckabee.com, I'll post comments.

Action alert!!! Call and email NOW!!!!!! Mike Huckabee has earned the National Right to Life Endorsement.

Pass this on to everyone you know who cares about the Pro life movement.
Call today and email at
National Right to Life Committee

(202) 626-8800

Several news outlets (e.g. Fox News, the Politico, National Review Online) are reporting right now that TOMORROW the National Right to Life Committee plans to endorse Fred Thompson.

We can change this, because it makes absolutely no sense for the most significant prolife organization in the country to endorse a former lawyer who worked for Planned Parenthood lobbyists who just last week said to Tim Russert on national TV

"In his first question on abortion, Russert asked Thompson whether, as a candidate, he could run on the 2004 Republican platform that endorsed a ''human life'' constitutional amendment banning all abortions. ''No,'' Thompson replied, suddenly monosyllabic. ''You would not?'' ''No,'' said Thompson, adding ''that's been my position the entire time I've been in politics.''

In fact, every Republican platform starting in 1980 has endorsed such an amendment and every Republican candidate has been able to run on it.

Fred Thompson especially makes no sense for them since Huckabee, the lifelong strongest prolife candidate, is in the middle of a surge and has surpassed Thompson's stagnating/sinking polls in both Iowa and New Hampshire!
Here is a link to the CBN article regarding this.

...and let them know what the consequences will be for future support of this prolife group and that you will pass on your consternation to many others influential in the evangelical and GOP/prolife world... there are many other prolife organizations in this country to give our time, money, and support to if this kind of insider politics is going to be their modus operandi.

God bless,

This is a copy of my email!
Are you seriously going to endorse a candidate that is not fully committed to your cause and simultaneously falling in the polls as Mike Huckabee is rising. His rise is largely due to the pro life community and in spite of our power hungry former leaders like Robertson, Bauer, Land and others who have lost their right to lead.

It makes absolutely no sense for the most significant pro life organization in the country to endorse a former lawyer who worked for Planned Parenthood lobbyists.

Just last week on Tim Russert: The first question on abortion, Russert asked Thompson whether, as a candidate, he could run on the 2004 Republican platform that endorsed a ''human life'' constitutional amendment banning all abortions. ''No,'' Thompson replied, suddenly monosyllabic. ''You would not?'' ''No,'' said Thompson, adding ''that's been my position the entire time I've been in politics.''

In fact, every Republican platform starting in 1980 has endorsed such an amendment and every Republican candidate has been able to run on it.

Mike Huckabee has been an unwavering pillar in the pro life movement, yet you insult him and the entire pro life community with this endorsement.

Shame on you!

Those of us fighting hard for Mike Huckabee will not tolerate this kind of irresponsibility!

Our blogging power is beyond your comprehension and our grassroots efforts are sending a clear message to those who are forsaking their principles for position and power.

If you will not stand by your principles, you will not stand as an organization, we will cease to support you!

Huckabee Wins OneNewsNow Poll by Landslide

POLL: Endorsements and the bandwagon effect
Jody Brown
November 12, 2007

Following a week in which four different GOP presidential candidates received the endorsement of a 'pro-family' leader, we asked you which candidate should 'values voters' rally behind. Mike Huckabee came away as the victor in our weekend poll. Interestingly, though, 'None of the above' came in second.

OneNewsNow.com asked: Of the four GOP candidates who garnered high-profile 'pro-family' endorsements over the last week, who do you think 'values voters' should rally behind?

You said:

Read the OneNewsNow.com articles that inspired this question here.

More Huckabee Endorsements

Three Former SBC Presidents Support Huckabee...
Baptist Press is reporting today that three former SBC presidents have announced their support for Governor Mike Huckabee for president. According to BP, "James (Jimmy) T. Draper Jr., Jack Graham and Jerry Vines all said they were supporting Huckabee, a fellow Southern Baptist and former president of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention." You can read the entire BP story here.

Club for Growth: No matter how many times they say the same thing, it's still a well funded lie

One wonders why the air is full these days of “conservative” criticism of Mike Huckabee and why his nomination rivals are resorting to curt falsehoods. Well, many apprehensive conservative spokespeople just repeat claims that have been thrown out. And maybe rivals just simplify and exploit falsehoods because unlike in the record of many of his rivals, there are no truths to politically exploit. I discuss The Club for Growth’s relentless crusade against Mike Huckabee and then balance other general accusations with the specific truths for which Huckabee is responsible.

Most recently in a new ad, The Club for Growth in its yearlong jihad against Huckabee has outright accused Huckabee of dishonesty in representing his inclinations and record. At least, that is a change from the usual exaggeration/misrepresentation of some of Huckabee’s statements. However, these charges have the even worse attribute of being outright false. And, I have previously said that The CFG’s criticism of tax increases to improve inferior state schools and highways, made no sense in terms of The Club for Growth’s supposed highest objectives. You can’t optimize a state’s economic vitality by standing pat with poor public schools and a decaying highway system. So, why would The Club for Growth spend money to propagate falsehood against a Republican candidate who actually poses no threat to their ideals? I have said for a long time that something smelled funny and speculated that either a threatened competitor or a CFG contributor had an axe to grind with Huckabee.

Continue this article written by one of the great thinkers of our time, Larry Perrault

Mike Huckabee Wins!

This is a few months old but still great! Mike was interviewed on NPR and then . . .

Evangelical Leaders Like Mike!

Little Rock, AR – Former Arkansas Governor and Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee today announced additional endorsements from influential faith leaders across the country, augmenting a strong show of support he received Friday from Southern Baptist Convention leaders. The new major endorsements include:
· Stephen Strang, Founder of Charisma Magazine – Lake Mary, Fla.
· Rick Scarborough, President and founder of Vision America – Pearland, Tex.
· Jerry Cox, President of Arkansas Family Council – Little Rock, Ark.
· Janet Folger, President of Faith2Action – Dania Beach, Fla.
· Jim Pfaff, President and CEO of Colorado Family Action – Castle Rock, Col.
· Mathew Staver, Founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel – Lynchburg , Va.
· Kelly Shackelford, President of Free Market Foundation – Plano, Tex.
· Phil Burress, President of Citizens for Community Values – Ohio

"To have the support of these leaders of faith means so much to me," Huckabee said. "I have the greatest level of respect for each person – and I know they will be vital in helping me spread my conservative message of hope and my vision for a stronger America ."

Stephen Strang, who was recognized by Time magazine in 2005 as one of the "Top 25 Evangelicals in America," said: "Mike Huckabee is an outstanding communicator who has a proven track record of success as governor of Arkansas . He is a true conservative who holds values common to most Americans. Governor Huckabee is a strong, Bible-believing candidate who articulates our values as well as any politician in my lifetime."

Rick Scarborough, who heads Vision America, a national coalition of Pastors whose mission is to call Christians to be proactive in restoring America to her Judeo-Christian heritage, said: "In Mike Huckabee, we have a man who has successfully bridged the chasm that divides people of both parties who share common values and faith. At this time in American history, we desperately need someone to lead us who can step over the partisan divide and unite people if we are going to solve the massive problems facing our nation."

Jerry Cox, who is also the past director of Unborn Child Amendment Committee, said: "Long before his involvement in politics, he was a defender of the unborn, a promoter of character in our schools, and stalwart champion for traditional values. His compassion for people, his command of the issues, his faith in God, and his genuine desire to work with people on both sides of the aisle are a rare find in the politics of today."

Janet Folger, who also served as national director of the Center for Reclaiming America, said: "We have one more chance to get our country and our courts back, and only one candidate we can count on to do it: Governor Mike Huckabee. He provides solution to the issues we care most about."

Jim Pfaff, who is president and CEO of the Colorado Family Action and has been active in pro-life/pro-family politics for more than 20 years, said: "It is critical, at this time in the history of our country, that our elected representatives truly understand the significant role that families play in our culture today and in the future. Mike Huckabee has been a reliable champion for the values of faith, family and the protection of the unborn over many years of public service."

Mathew Staver is Dean of Liberty University School of Law and founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, a nationally prominent legal, educational and policy organization specializing in religious liberty, the sanctity of human life and the traditional family. He said: "We need a leader who understands and is prepared to confront radical Islamic terrorism, who will protect America and her boarders, who does not merely lip sync moral and religious values but who really believes and practices them, and who has the experience and personality to govern a divided Congress. Mike Huckabee is that man."

Kelly Shackelford, who serves as Chief Counsel of Liberty Legal Institute and president of Free Market Foundation, said: "The reason you are starting to see everyone coalesce around Mike is that he doesn't just talk about conservative issues, he breathes them and has a passion for them. He speaks the truth with an honesty and grace that no other candidate can match in either party."

Phil Burress, the president of Citizens for Community Values who won this year's Focus on the Family Grassroots Action Award, said: "I have met and interviewed most of the Republican Presidential candidates. After several months of research, I am pleased to announce that Governor Mike Huckabee is the most qualified candidate to hold the office of President of the United States ," Burress said.

"I am humbled by the faith and confidence that these strong advocates of faith and freedom have placed in me to lead our great nation forward. I look forward to working with them as we move forward together in the weeks and months ahead," said Huckabee. These endorsements are those of the individuals and not the organizations they represent.

Huckabee is the Candidate for Change; not just for the Rupublican Party, but also, the Christian Conservative Movement, and the Nation

The Kingmaker’s New Subject
Pat Robertson's support for Giuliani surprised many. It should not have.
. . .
Robertson's public endorsement of Giuliani last week surprised many. It should not have. His predisposition has always been to influence Republican politics from the inside. He has doubtlessly received assurances from Giuliani on the appointment of conservative judges and is calculating he can maintain influence within a Giuliani administration. But Robertson's endorsement of a pro-choice candidate has exposed deep political fault lines within religious conservatism. Add to this Paul Weyrich's endorsement of Mitt Romney, and Sam Brownback's support for McCain, and religious conservatives are fragmented as never before.

One effect has been to deprive former Arkansas governor (and former pastor) Mike Huckabee of support. He is the natural candidate of religious conservatives—strongly pro-life, pro-family, but also with a populist economic message. Huckabee is a candidate with Bill Clinton-like political skills, and he has fared well in straw polls. But religious-right leaders have calculated that Huckabee is not electable. Robertson's endorsement of Giuliani particularly irked him. "Our Web site went nuts with people saying they will never give money to Robertson again," Huckabee told me. "There is a disconnect," he said, "between past generational leaders in Christian conservatism and their own followers."

The use of the word "past" is purposeful and accurate. Leaders such as Robertson mainly exercise broad influence in the imagination of liberals. Evangelicals, particularly younger evangelicals, are undergoing a shift in attitudes. Many have little interest in the self-destructive purity of the prophet or the raw pragmatism of the kingmaker. They remain culturally conservative, but uncomfortable with a harshly judgmental tone in their politics. They find the model of the religious right too narrow and are increasingly motivated by a broader range of social concerns, from disease in Africa, to the environment, to racial reconciliation. And they want to be a witness to these values instead of a tool in the power games of others.

A recent article in The New York Times Magazine termed this trend "the evangelical crackup." But perhaps it is just maturity and a renewed appreciation of the way social change has taken place in the past. "The Christians who did most for the present world were just those who thought most of the next," argued C. S. Lewis. "The apostles themselves, who set on foot the conversion of the Roman Empire, the great men who built up the Middle Ages, the English evangelicals who abolished slave trade, all left their mark on earth, precisely because their minds were occupied with heaven. It is since Christians have largely ceased to think of the other world, that they have become so ineffective in this. Aim at heaven and you will get earth 'thrown in': aim at earth and you will get neither."

The rest of this great Newsweek article by Michael Gerson

Christian Conservative Leaders Gravitating Toward Huckabee

By WAYNE SLATER / The Dallas Morning News

Several Christian conservative leaders, troubled by the appearance the movement is divided, are moving toward Republican Mike Huckabee in hopes of making him the consensus candidate of the religious right.

Full Article

Huckabee picks up speed in New Hampshire

Huckabee said New Hampshire's support is going to be pivotal to his campaign. He urged the crowd not only to vote for him, but to bring friends and relatives to the polls on Election Day.

"If New Hampshire wants that, I'll be the next president," he said. Huckabee said he believes voters want a candidate who sticks to his or her principles and doesn't flip-flop on issues from one state to the next.

The Telegraph article Here

Among the troops, there is no division. They like Mike!

From the CNN Political Ticker:

Following a five kilometer morning run at the University of New Hampshire Saturday, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee told students and reporters that while there may be division among evangelical leaders, there is no division among the "grassroots rank and file."

This statement comes after three key endorsements this week to three separate presidential candidates: Sen. Sam Brownback to John McCain, Christian Coalition founder, Pat Robertson to New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Donald Wildmon of the American Family Association for Huckabee.

Huckabee remains a "dark horse" in the republican field but his campaign has gained traction by growing support among the hotly contested social conservative voting block. Huckabee points to his performance in the three Value Voters straw polls as an indication that he has a solid command over the key demographic.

"Among the troops, there is no division, there is a clear consensus and they have coalesced around me," Huckabee said. "Some of the people who are the heads of organizations are scattered but their people aren't. Frankly when it gets down to it, having the people is going to be more important than having the leader." He then added, "If I have the choice between one leader and 50 thousand followers, I'll take the 50 thousand followers any day."

Huckabee also told reporters he wished he had received Pat Robertson's endorsement and and was surprised that he had given his backing to New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

"That was a real surprise and it apparently surprised a lot of his supporters as well," Huckabee, a former pastor said. "There was a lot of anger directed towards Pat and feeling like he had abandoned core principles that he had always adhered to, but you know it's his choice and I respect it, wish I could have had his endorsement but didn't. But again, I'll take his people any day."

Popular veteran Iowa Senator Grassley: Huckabee "Catching On a Bit"

There is a darkhorse candidate in the GOP field. "I think the guy who could surprise everybody is Huckabee," Grassley said, referring to former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, whose support has been rising. "He seems to be catching on a little bit. His presentations are good. He fits in well with social conservatives."

Huckabee is the guy who matches up best with Iowa Republicans, Grassley said. "It's demeanor, background, personal beliefs, friendliness, stuff like that. How he conducts himself, things of that nature. I'm talking about who fits in with the average Iowan, who are they going to feel comfortable with."

Christian Author, Terri Blackstock Challenges Christians to support Mike Huckabee

Illinois4Huckabee is pleased and honored to present as a guest writer,
noted Christian Author, Terri Blackstock

Dear Reader,

Most of my newsletters to you have to do with my writing, so I hope you'll forgive me for departing from that subject just this once. This letter has to do with the values we Christians hold dear, and our upcoming presidential election.

I'm not a political spokesperson, and have never written publicly about politics before. But it's no secret that I'm a conservative. As we approach the next presidential election, I feel I have to speak out, since I'm concerned about conservatives allowing the media to determine who our candidates should be. How many times have we heard lately that Giuliani is going to be our nominee? I want to remind you that we are in a primary season, and we get to decide who our candidate will be. Yes, the media would love to choose our candidate. They'd love to choose someone who doesn't share our values. Then they'd have a win/win. But if we choose someone who doesn't share our values just to beat Hillary,what have we won? But if we have a Pro-Choice president in the WhiteHouse—one who hasn't been able to keep his promises even to his wife—how can we be sure that he'll do what he says and appoint constructionist judges?

I've been teaching a Bible study course on some of the kings and prophets in the Old Testament. The northern kingdom of Israel allowed leaders to come and go and lead them into sins so serious that they were throwing their children into fire to sacrifice to the god of Molech. (To me, abortion is the same kind of offense to God.) God gave them chance after chance to repent, yet they followed their leaders into worse and worse sin. Eventually, the people paid the consequences, when their men were slaughtered and they were marched out of Samaria—losing everything they owned—and moved to an Assyrian area. God said, "Ephraim is no longer a people." But in the southern kingdom of Judah, they were able to buy some time when Hezekiah began to reign. He led the people into righteousness and destroyed all their altars to false gods, knocked down the Asherah poles and the high places, and made the priests consecrate themselves and the temple so they could worship again.

We need to pray that God will raise up a Hezekiah for us,and we need to pray it like we believe it, not just roll over and accept the candidate the media is salivating over. I, for one, have donated money to the Huckabee campaign, because he is a godly man who will not lead our country into more sin. I like what he believes and what he stands for, and I like the fact that he has the judgment to at least hold the line on abortion in this country by appointing Pro-Life judges. Of all the candidates, he's the only one I've seen so far who has the moral fortitude to do that. I'm also very impressed with his performance in the debates, and think he has what it takes to win. I'm looking at the character of the man. Has he kept other covenants in his life, for instance with his wife? Then maybe he'll keep his campaign promises. Is he Pro-Life as a political stance, or does he believe deeply in his heart that killing babies is wrong and has to be stopped? If he does, then maybe he can make an impact on that. Does he truly and honestly worship Jesus Christ, or does he just say he does because it's politically expedient right now? And if he does truly worship God, then maybe he'll look to Him for guidance for our country.

Some would say that I'm a one-issue voter. I'm not. There are several issues that are extremely important to me. The abortion issue is not one of those issues. It's the foundation on which any candidate I consider must stand. You must understand, if a man or woman believes that it's okay to kill babies, that tells me that their judgment is severely impaired. They are not fit to run our country.

I'm not giving up in the primary season. We can choose whatever candidate we want. There were enough of us Christians to elect George Bush in the last two elections. We can elect Huckabee or any Hezekiah God raises up between now and the primaries. We can win again if we stand up for our issues. We have an incredibly strong voice, and we've proven that it can be louder than that of the media. Some of you say we have to pick a candidate who can win against Hillary. We did pick a candidate who won against Al Gore and John Kerry. We got to choose because there were enough of us! If we had a candidate who represented our values, why couldn't we do it again, even if the media said it was impossible? They thought it was impossible last time. What have we won if we get a man with the same basic values as Hillary? So what if he's a strong leader, if he leads us further into the pit?

I love America and the Church, and I don't want to see us follow the path of some European countries in which Christianity has all but died, because they let the world have its way in their elections. America has been set apart, protected, blessed ... but if the Bible is a warning to us, and we can learn anything about God's nature by his dealings with Israel in the Old Testament, we will pay severe consequences for our country's moral decline. I refuse to roll over.

Unless something changes drastically before my state's primary election, I'm voting for Mike Huckabee.

Terri Blackstock, Author

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Chatting With Huckabee

New York Times, The Caucus
November 9, 2007,

By Michael Luo

The Caucus sat down with former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee twice, once in New York last week when he was in town for fund-raising and once here, for an article about his candidacy.

The following are excerpts from those conversations.

On his chances of winning the Republican nomination:
“The winner is often the guy at this stage in the game nobody thinks is even in the game. But what happens is the front-runners have in many cases peaked out. They’ve hit the ceiling of their support because people know who they are. People who are going to be with them are with them. You see none of the candidates with enough votes to say, ‘It’s mine. I’ve won.’

“What you do see is a huge number of people who just say, ‘Well, either I haven’t picked a candidate or I’m coming with one but my roots aren’t deep. We’re still looking.’ I’m coming into the sort of, maybe the scope, just at the right at time as people are saying, ‘Is there anybody else?’ ”

On whether his struggles with fund-raising say anything about his management or leadership abilities, as some have suggested:
“I think what it says I’m not as well known as some of these guys. What they ought to be looking at and saying is, ‘My gosh, look how far he’s gone with the resources he’s had.’ That shows better management. I don’t think it’s great management to say, ‘I’ve blown threw $60 million and I’m behind a guy that’s raised 2.5 million.’
“I’d say it’s great management that I’ve raised $2.5 million and I’m ahead of guys who have raised 60. Who would you want running the government? Somebody who can manage something major on a minor budget, or somebody who can manage something minor on a very major budget.”

Read more …

Finally, some Christian Leaders stand by their principles!

In a day when so called "Christian leaders" are forsaking their principles for access to perceived Presidential front runners and lucrative consultation fees to bring in the "Evangelical Christian votes."

In a day when the so called "fighters for family values" are fighting to keep families at risk to prevent their organizational fundraising efforts from diminishing.

In a day when our so called Christian leaders have lost their right to be called leaders, some shining lights emerge

AFA Founder Wildmon Endorses Huckabee

The campaign of Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee today announced that Huckabee had secured the endorsement of Donald E. Wildmon, founder of American Family Association.

"The AFA represents and stands for traditional family values, focusing primarily on the influence of television and other media – including pornography – on our society."

"I feel that Gov. Huckabee understands the needs of our country and has the ability to lead us in meeting those needs," Wildmon said. "I'm proud to receive the support from such an influential member of the religious community," Huckabee said. "Rev. Wildmon and I share the same values on faith and family, which are key issues for the Republican party."

Another Christian Leader who stands tall is Rick Scarborough, President of Vision America.
He wrote, "Over and again I have been encouraged by men I admire to be patient. But I submit that our patience has moved beyond prudence, and we are increasingly being viewed as irrelevant. I would submit that our mistake has been that we have been looking for perfection in a candidate, which can only lead to frustration." "Wherever Huckabee is exposed to values voters, he is their clear choice. We witnessed this in Ft. Lauderdale in September when approximately 2,000 assembled for the Values Voter Debate in which more than 40 members of our coalition participated, and again among those who were on site at the Values Voters Washington Briefing in October. On both occasions, he won with more than 50 percent of the votes cast on site and with a 5 to 1 margin over his nearest rival. Those of us who were in the room when Huckabee delivered his remarks in D.C. could sense the enthusiasm of the attendees for his message as well as his candidacy, as they interrupted his speech numerous times with standing ovations."

"Some correctly point out that Huckabee hasn't raised enough money to conduct a national campaign and therefore suggest he is "unelectable." That appears to be changing, but while the money issue is important, it should not be the most important consideration for people of faith. We should not overlook the fact that he, a Republican, was elected thrice in a predominately Democrat state where he received over 45 percent of the black vote."

"I suggest that God may be sending us a lifeline. Who better to lead a nation nearing moral collapse and perhaps World War III than a president who is also a pastor with 10 years of senior executive experience as a governor? Many in the secular press are now reporting that he is a legitimate first-tier candidate whose star is rising while others are fading. Millions of voters are gravitating to him."

"I acknowledge I am not as politically savvy as some, and you should consider that as you read this open letter, but I have concluded that Gov. Mike Huckabee is our best hope for leading this nation at this time."

Rick Warren Said:
“I know most of the candidates running for president but I’ve known Mike Huckabee the longest, since we did our graduate degrees together in the late 70s. Mike’s a man of vision, compassion, and integrity. I’ve watched his uncanny ability to identify with normal people in ways that many leaders don’t. That’s probably why TIME named him one of the five best governors in America. He’s definitely presidential material. But honestly, what I find most appealing is his self-deprecating humor. That’s a key sign of a spiritually and emotionally healthy leader - someone who is comfortable with himself, is authentic, doesn’t wear a mask, and is secure enough to be humble. People love that.”

Note to: Gary Bauer, Pat Robertson, Paul Weyrich, Bob Jones III, John Hagee, Tony Perkins, Mark DeMoss, Richard Land

You have divided the Evangelical Christian community, threatened our significance, lost your right to lead, put our families in danger, and damaged the cause of Christ for your own thirst for power, and position.

You have not served us or Christ well.

We are EXTREMELY disappointed in you!

Pass this message on!
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How to Like Mike: Listen to him.

Susan Stilley has a wonderful account of an encounter with Mike Huckabee.

"What is it that endears Mike Huckabee to his audiences? Natural personal charisma? Honed and mastered skills in the art of persuasion? The Spirit of God? Call it what you will, the fact remains that the more that Huckabee gains a hearing, the more converts he attracts. This explains why he won a whopping fifty-one percent of the onsite voting at the Value Voters conference. When Frank Luntz polled his research group at the last debate, many who were not familiar with Huckabee concluded afterward that he had won them over."

Full Article

Rick Warren Hearts Huckabee

Dr. Rick Warren recently made this statement discussing Governor Huckabee on a radio program:
“I know most of the candidates running for president but I’ve known Mike Huckabee the longest, since we did our graduate degrees together in the late 70s. Mike’s a man of vision, compassion, and integrity. I’ve watched his uncanny ability to identify with normal people in ways that many leaders don’t. That’s probably why TIME named him one of the five best governors in America. He’s definitely presidential material. But honestly, what I find most appealing is his self-deprecating humor. That’s a key sign of a spiritually and emotionally healthy leader - someone who is comfortable with himself, is authentic, doesn’t wear a mask, and is secure enough to be humble. People love that.”

Huckabee NEWS!

How Huckabee Could Rock the 2008 Vote
By Charles MahtesianSunday, November 4, 2007; Page B03
"Southern political personalities, like sweet corn, travel badly," A.J. Liebling once famously noted. "They lose flavor with every hundred yards away from the patch." But in the case of Mike Huckabee, the opposite might be true.

The farther this Baptist preacher-turned-presidential candidate gets from Little Rock, the more appealing he becomes. From the Manhattan studios of Jon Stewart's "The Daily Show" to the Values Voter Summit in Washington, from the straw poll in Ames, Iowa, to a jam session with a high school jazz band in Concord, N.H., Huckabee has blended his faith and social conservatism into an appealing package -- one that's true to his evangelical roots yet somehow unthreatening to more secular audiences.
More: Washington Post

Rocking in from the right

An evangelical who loves to `turn it loose' on guitar, Huckabee is shaking up the GOP presidential field
Nov 03, 2007 04:30 AM Tim harper Washington bureau
WASHINGTON–He's a former Baptist minister who plays a pretty mean guitar.
He has the quickest one-liners of any Republican running for president, but skips the quips while bemoaning the "holocaust of liberalized abortion."

He's the second man from Hope, Ark., to chase the oval office (Bill Clinton was the first), but the only one to claim iconic tough guy Chuck Norris as a backer and to officially pardon Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards.

Mike Huckabee was, for months, a curiosity.

Now the 52-year-old former Arkansas governor finds himself running second in many of the polls in the key voting state of Iowa. He's a man with momentum nationally, and a candidate who has started to raise the kind of money that could move him comfortably into the top tier in the Republican field.
Full article from the Toronto Star

National Journal's Linda Douglass sat down with former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee. This is a transcript of their conversation.

Why I Like Mike: Lucy Shea

This Election Cycle I will be a one issue voter.

Who will care about my family?

Who will consider what is
best for my family,
best protect my family,
make decisions with my family in mind.

Today My granddaughter, Lucy Shea was born.

This is a picture of her when she was the size of a Rice Krispy.

I became a grandfather the day she was conceived and today
I saw her,
held her,
kissed her and
imagined what a future she could have and how loved she will be.
There is only one candidate that has passionately cared about the safety and future for my granddaughter when this picture was taken.

There is only one candidate I can trust her future to, only one candidate I trust with the lives of my family:
Mike Huckabee.

This election isn't about who can do what for who.

It's about who we can trust.

We can trust Mike because he is one of us.

Send a Happy Birthday
wish to Lucy Shea at