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Team Huckabee is about bringing together hundreds of thousand of individuals to revolutionize America and restore the Greatness of this Nation.

Mike Huckabee has grown up knowing and believing that when ordinary people come together for a cause, extraordinary things will happen. You can play an important role than ever by joining Team Huckabee.

This grass roots movement will separate Mike Huckabee from the other candidates. It will create a network of individuals across the country and will be the base for the entire campaign. Mike Huckabee can’t do it alone but WE CAN DO IT TOGETHER!

When you JOIN TEAM HUCKABEE, you will be sent a personalized and numbered membership card which can be used to receive special privileges at some Huckabee for President Events. You will receive a monthly email newsletter informing you of what is going on with the campaign and you will also be notified of special events coming up. We also ask that you recruit for Team Huckabee, by getting your friends to join Team Huckabee you help grow the network and take the campaign one more step closer to the White House.

Simply complete the information and make a minimum contribution of at least $20.08. That's right, $20.08 can change the world! If you can give more please do. You will be sent your membership card, a Huckabee for President Bumper Sticker and ask that you find five more people to JOIN TEAM HUCKABEE.

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The Turning Point: Debate 2

Mike Huckabee is a first tier candidate and the only true consistent conservative of the top four. Republicans have stood for the right things consistently. Let's not stop now.

Here's response from the 2nd Debate:
"Huckabee Moved to Top Tier Tonight", GOPAC Chairman Michael Steele on Fox News Hannity and Colmes.

Huckabee "Best Performer
Adam B Kushner, of the New Republic said, "The best performer, to my mind, was Mike Huckabee. Aside from a standout line (Edwards in a beauty shop), he obviously thinks in paragraphs. And he just seems earnest without being polemical. Also, I thought his answers on clemency (for a Horton-like killer) and national sacrifice were quite moving."

"A Good Night For Huckabee"
Jim Wooten of the Atlanta Journal Constitution wrote:
"Huckabee had a good evening, embracing the flat tax and vowing to post an “out of business” sign at the Internal Revenue Service."

Huckabee Performance Top Tier
Byron York of National Review says: "Huckabee did so well, both in California and South Carolina, that if the tiers were determined by debate performance alone, he’d be in the top group."

J.T. Walker, analyzing the debate for National review says: "Mike Huckabee did more than deliver the night’s best line on how Congress spends more money “than John Edwards at a beauty parlor.” Huckabee has earned the right to be considered a first-tier candidate; he was clever, thoughtful, earnest, and compassionate. Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor, is dare I say it, Clintonian, in his ability to sound smooth, likeable, and intelligent. The party faithful must admit that Huckabee “fits the suit.” He’s a southern, conservative governor who could be president."

Yuval Levin, providing debate analysis at National Review Online, says the debate showed why the so-called "top-tier" candidates are top-tier and added that Mike Huckabee "seemed to belong with them" and "may well have come in second in this debate."

Bill Sammon from The Examiner was impressed with Governor Huckabee last night, writing today that "Pundits and politicians say Huckabee is rapidly ascending into the top tier of GOP candidates, an elite group that until Tuesday had been limited to Rudy Giuliani, John McCain and Mitt Romney."

Conservative’s Dark Horse?

May 16, 2007

Conservative’s Dark Horse?
By Nancy Morgan, a conservative columnist and editor living in South Carolina.
I got an invite in the mail recently. 'Pig-Pickin BBQ with special guest Gov. Mike Huckabee, Republican presidential candidate.' Now the name Huckabee rang a few bells but I couldn't quite place him. Republican Governor? Running for president? Hmmm . . .

I asked around and no-one was quite sure who the guy was. Nevertheless, I showed up at Debardeau Plantation in Georgetown County, South Carolina at the appointed time. By asking around I was able to ascertain that Huckabee was the Governor of Arkansas from 1996 to 2007, and yes, he's running for President. OK.

After an average BBQ dinner at an average political event, host Mike Campbell introduced Governor Huckabee. Average looking, down home and folksy. Not at all what you'd expect a politician to be. As he proceeded to speak, I started sitting up straighter and leaning forward.

I didn't hear any 'talking points' or political double speak. No bland phrases meant to cover all sides of an issue. What I heard was straight talk that, by golly, sounded like it came from the heart.

After a cute joke, Gov. Huckabee started outlining his priories. First up was education. A pretty safe bet and one designed to appeal to the greatest numbers of voters. Looking at his website later, I realized that he wasn't just mouthing words. His record in Arkansas displayed an impressive record of education reform. And RESULTS.

Next came a ringing endorsement of the Fair Tax. Hey, this guy is starting to impress me. Especially when he called for an end to the $10 billion IRS industry. You go, guy!
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Huckabee shows he can run with the bulls

May 16, 2007
by Bill Sammon, The Examiner

COLUMBIA, S.C. - Rudy McRomney, the composite name used as political shorthand to denote the top three Republican presidential hopefuls, might soon be expanded to Rudy “Huck” McRomney. “I wish my name would get in the moniker,” said former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee at Tuesday night’s Republican debate here. “I could use the bump.”

Based on his widely praised performances in Tuesday’s debate and an earlier debate in California, Huckabee’s bump might be taking shape. Pundits and politicians say he is rapidly ascending into the top tier of GOP candidates, an elite group that until Tuesday had been limited to Rudy Giuliani, John McCain and Mitt Romney.

“I thought tonight you saw, in my view, an expansion from three to four,” former Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steel told The Examiner in the post-debate “spin room” at the University of South Carolina in Columbia. “Tonight you saw a great shift.”

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More Than Words

“Americans are equipped with unmatchable resolve to meet any challenge, from threats overseas to troubling issues at home. Divided, we are ineffectual, but together, we have majestic strength. Progress cannot happen with the current bipartisan rift dividing it. We need a change in perspective and a clear plan of action so we can become a truly indivisible nation.

“Our next President must be an authentic conservative who can champion our core values in a way that is genuine, consistent and believable. I have the experience, vision and plan to restore America’s greatness by empowering everyday people who make us strong.

“Having gone from Hope, AR to being chairman of the National Governors’ Association and influencing national policy, I believe in the American spirit of opportunity for all. I believe every American has a noble calling to go from hope to higher ground. I ask for your support for my campaign effort to lead us there.”

Post Debate comments - 1st Debate

Syndicated columnist Mark Shields, appearing on News Hour with Jim Lehrer to analyze the GOP debate, had this to say about Governor Huckabee: "Can I just say on Huckabee ... I thought Huckabee came across as authentic, as well as likeable. And then there was a naturalness to him. He answered the questions. He didn't have talking points."

NYT Times Columnist David Brooks appeared on News Hour with Jim Lehrer to analyze the candidates' performance in the GOP debate. Here's what Brooks had to say:

BROOKS: I thought the person that helped themself the most was Mike Huckabee.
JIM LEHRER: Mike Huckabee?
DAVID BROOKS: Yes, he came across as extremely personable, the sort of person...
JIM LEHRER: Here's a guy who is hardly a household name.
DAVID BROOKS: Yes, but I think he came close to entering the top tier or really elevating himself. First of all, he was a good personality, a very relaxed, warm presence. Second thing, he actually branded himself. You know, you've got 10 guys up there. Distinguish yourself. And he actually distinguished himself as sort of a populist, straight-talking person from out in the country.

Rolling Stone magazine, in its coverage of the first GOP debate, said: Gov. Huckabee "was funny and charismatic. His anti-CEO schitck — sticking up for 50 year old guys losing their pensions should win him points with the Lou Dobbs crowd. He out classed Romney for sure."

MSNBC's post-dabate round-up ranks the performance of each candidate. About Governor Huckabee, they say: "On the stage with him were his equals, not his betters."

Peter Robinson from National Review also liked what he saw out of Gov. Huckabee, saying "Only one man in this debate so far has really helped himself: Mike Huckabee. Relaxed and funny—he got off the only really funny line when they were all asked whether they'd amend the constitution to let Schwarzenegger run for president—Huckabee is also articulate and determined. Giuliani is proving fascinating, but not in an altogether reassuring way. But Huckabee? This guy is coming across as likeable, smart, and maybe even up to the job."

National Review's John Podhoretz watched tonight's debate and saw what the rest of America saw. Say's Podhoretz: "Mike Huckabee really terrific...I'd say halfway through that he is far and away the most likable and eloquent candidate on that stage."

NRO's Jim Geraghty says Gov. Mike Huckabee had "something reassuring about him" in tonight's debate.

Famed political consultant Dick Morris said on Fox News today that McCain, Romney and Huckabee were all winners in last night's debate. About Huckabee, Morris said:

"Huckabee was the most original and interesting of the candidates. His unique style came through when he defended his pro-life views by asking why, if we “move heaven and earth” to find hikers lost on Mt. Hood or in a coal mine, we don’t defend human life in the womb. His explanation of how his faith leads him to embrace global stewardship in the face of climate change and to want to punish Enron-style executives who fleece their workers was both novel and intriguing."

Yuval Levin, a fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center and senior editor of The New Atlantis magazine, took part in a post-debate symposium last night. Here's his take:

"If you knew nothing about this race except what you saw tonight, I suspect you would guess the three leading candidates were Romney, McCain, and Huckabee...all three were poised, sharp, and reasonably presidential."

Kathleen Parker, a nationally syndicated columnist from South Carolina thinks Huckabee took second place in last night's debate, saying: "Runner-up goes to Mike Huckabee. Smart, pleasant, knowledgeable, and straightforward, he was the surprise in the Cracker Jack box."

Huckabee Debate Highlights

Friday, May 4, 2007

"I have an optimistic vision for what America can become with the right leadership, a clear direction, and people who are willing to believe that the World War II generation doesn't have to be the last 'greatest generation.' I believe in the unlimited potential of the human spirit, a strong national defense, flatter and fairer taxes, and a government that allows the marketplace to regulate itself as much as possible to encourage and enhance free enterprise.

"I'm concerned that our national focus has been more on what divides us, rather than on what unites us. Too often, our government is polarized and paralyzed, focused on the politics of destruction, instead of what we can achieve when we come together with a common purpose.

"My strong personal values have always been at the heart of my public policies. I believe we can unite in spirit to take our country back to provide hope and opportunity for all Americans. As governor, I guided Arkansas through a period of remarkable change and progress. As President, I will lead the American people toward a time when we can successfully meet our goals, overcome difficult challenges, and rekindle our dreams to realize the impossible, in our great nation, the United States of America."

Newsday Article by James Pinkerton

So Mike Huckabee has had a pretty good week. Mike who?

Don't laugh. Not so long ago, a governor of Arkansas - from a place called Hope - made it all the way to the White House. And now Huckabee, born in the same town, who served as chief executive of the Razorback State from 1996 to January of this year, hopes to be the second.

On Saturday, Huckabee won a straw poll in Spartanburg County, S.C. OK, that's an obscure place to most Americans, but it's a big county in a key early-primary state: South Carolina holds its balloting Feb. 2.

Meanwhile, the race for the Republican nomination seems to have cracked open. Arizona Sen. John McCain's campaign is collapsing, and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney won the other two Palmetto State straw polls over the weekend. And, while former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani remains ahead in the national polls, he has yet to prove he can gain traction among activists. Former Sen. Fred Thompson and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich still watch and wait.

Sioux City Journal May 3, 2007

Huckabee might be the surprise of '08

SIOUX CITY -- Take down a name you may not be familiar with and watch this gentleman as we approach the Iowa caucuses — Mike Huckabee.

Some may have heard of him as the former governor of Arkansas who transformed himself from a 280-pound fast-food junkie to a 180-pound marathon runner. Keep your eye on this man. Huckabee isn’t a frontrunner, nor does he have star power or millions of dollars flowing in. But he does have solid core principles, genuine humility, and executive leadership for 10 years across party lines in a state that hadn’t had a Republican governor since Reconstruction.

This dark horse may just be like Lincoln a century and a half ago who no one expected would come out on top with names like Seward, Chase and Bates in the race. Like Lincoln, Huckabee comes from humble origins and was the first male in his family to graduate high school. He also has odd contrasts — an NRA member who pushes art and music in education, a former Baptist pastor who plays in a rock and roll band, and a conservative concerned with health care and conservation.

And his Christian faith doesn’t make him feel superior to others; he says that it admits his frailty and that he needs guidance. Huckabee recently finished first or second in several South Carolina county straw polls ahead of the August GOP straw poll in Iowa. If integrity and leadership still are the deciding factors for the GOP nomination, this second governor to hail from tiny Hope, Arkansas, might just be the dark horse surprise of 2008. -- Jeremy Taylor