The Turning Point: Debate 2

Mike Huckabee is a first tier candidate and the only true consistent conservative of the top four. Republicans have stood for the right things consistently. Let's not stop now.

Here's response from the 2nd Debate:
"Huckabee Moved to Top Tier Tonight", GOPAC Chairman Michael Steele on Fox News Hannity and Colmes.

Huckabee "Best Performer
Adam B Kushner, of the New Republic said, "The best performer, to my mind, was Mike Huckabee. Aside from a standout line (Edwards in a beauty shop), he obviously thinks in paragraphs. And he just seems earnest without being polemical. Also, I thought his answers on clemency (for a Horton-like killer) and national sacrifice were quite moving."

"A Good Night For Huckabee"
Jim Wooten of the Atlanta Journal Constitution wrote:
"Huckabee had a good evening, embracing the flat tax and vowing to post an “out of business” sign at the Internal Revenue Service."

Huckabee Performance Top Tier
Byron York of National Review says: "Huckabee did so well, both in California and South Carolina, that if the tiers were determined by debate performance alone, he’d be in the top group."

J.T. Walker, analyzing the debate for National review says: "Mike Huckabee did more than deliver the night’s best line on how Congress spends more money “than John Edwards at a beauty parlor.” Huckabee has earned the right to be considered a first-tier candidate; he was clever, thoughtful, earnest, and compassionate. Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor, is dare I say it, Clintonian, in his ability to sound smooth, likeable, and intelligent. The party faithful must admit that Huckabee “fits the suit.” He’s a southern, conservative governor who could be president."

Yuval Levin, providing debate analysis at National Review Online, says the debate showed why the so-called "top-tier" candidates are top-tier and added that Mike Huckabee "seemed to belong with them" and "may well have come in second in this debate."

Bill Sammon from The Examiner was impressed with Governor Huckabee last night, writing today that "Pundits and politicians say Huckabee is rapidly ascending into the top tier of GOP candidates, an elite group that until Tuesday had been limited to Rudy Giuliani, John McCain and Mitt Romney."