Less than Eight Hours Left! A note from Mike Huckabee.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Over the last two weeks we have had over 3,000 contributions raised on our website. Including 300 first time contributors over the last 24 hours! A great accomplishment exceeding even our own expectations. During that same period of a time a Newsweek poll of likely Iowa Caucus goers has us climbing into fourth place, 3 points ahead of John McCain and within 1 point of Rudy Giuliani in Iowa.

Clearly our campaign message is resonating and folks are beginning to notice. In fact, just this morning Newt Gingrich on This Week with George Stephanopoulos said:

“I think Huckabee is very effective, and if Huckabee can find money, he will be dramatically competitive almost overnight. He’s probably the best performer in terms of giving speeches and being appealing…I mean, there’s something about him that is just - you just have to like Mike.”

Speaker Gingrich wasn't alone. Former President Bill Clinton this morning speaking to Tim Russert on Meet the Press said I was the only GOP “dark horse that’s got any kind of chance.”

With momentum building and folks beginning to notice, how can we kick things up a notch?

Frankly, what we need is fuel to spread the word and help energize and expand our base of support. As someone that hasn't yet contributed to my campaign, I would like you to immediately consider supporting us with one of the options below:
1) Contribute $1,000. Will you be 1 of the 100 people we are targeting to contribute $1,000 today before the midnight deadline?
2) Contribute the maximum contribution. You can legally contribute $2,300 per person. Are there 25, 50 or even 100 people willing to stand with me by maxing out their contribution today?
3) Make an emergency contribution. Make an emergency contribution of $1 (a buck for Huck!), $5, $10, $25, $50, $100 or even $500! Making your first contribution today would significantly help the campaign's bottom line and help us prepare for our first television advertising in Iowa.

I urge you to choose one of these options and make your contribution before Midnight tonight!

With our rising in the polls, a proven history of turning out the vote in Iowa, a surge of contributions this week and buzz building in Washington now is the time to strike.

Please support our campaign today. I need to know, if you are willing to stand with me?

With deep gratitude,

Huckabee: The Democrats Fear Factor

What do Democrats fear?

Not Al Qaeda.
Not Terrorism or Iran in possession of a nuclear Bomb.
If we are nice to them they will be nice to us.
They have forgotten.
Democrats Fear more than anything: A republican Victory!

They will win at ant cost,
including you and the safety of your family.

They fear Mike Huckabee!

The far-left website DailyKos.com did some live-blogging from the Republican debate on PBS at the historically black Morgan College. Many liberal democrats left comments on the blog that indicate a very interesting fact: They fear Mike Huckabee, because they know he can win a general election against any of the democrats.
Here are some fascinating comments from democrats about Huckabee:
  • Geez, I hope somebody becomes front runner quick ...before Huckabee takes the opportunity. We are screwed if he's their nom. by Geotpf on Thu Sep 27, 2007 at 07:35:33 PM PDT
  • ... Plus, I kind of like Mike Huckabee. I don't agree with him on a whole lot but I like the guy. :)by daria g on Thu Sep 27, 2007 at 06:12:38 PM PDT
  • Huckabee worries me. He really seems like a nice, likeable guy to me. I don't know if that's because he really is a nice likeable guy or he's just much better at bullsh*tting than most Republicans, but either way, I think he's very dangerous.But for some unknown reason, other Republicans seem to hate him [nope, we all love him!]. Maybe he's not enough of a jerk for them? I don't know, but I guess I should be glad. I really would have thought he'd be their best hope. Their frontrunners are pathetic. by tjekanefir on Thu Sep 27, 2007 at 07:50:20 PM PDT
  • I am telling you if Mike Huckabee were the RNC nominee it would be scary. I live in Memphis and what Huckabee said is true. He can pull in Democratic votes. by TennesseeGurl on Thu Sep 27, 2007 at 06:08:11 PM PDT
  • huckabee is strong. i'm glad we don't have to face him next november; huckabee could be the potentially highest repuke vote getter BUT the big four have kept him down; lucky for us by pogoalwaysright16 on Thu Sep 27, 2007 at 07:08:23 PM PDT
  • Huckabee sounds sensible about poverty. Sounds almost like JE for a minute. Thank God the RNC isn't smart enough to elect the man. [you have no idea. just wait and see!]
  • Huckabee is great at this.
  • He comes off as honest, caring, smart, and his populist viewpoints won over many in the crowd. If he is thier nominee, he will win, and I would have a hard time being too pissed off about it.Of course, Republican voters in general will never elect him.
    [That's what you think!]

Today, the future is in your hands. Mike can beat Hillbillery!

This Morning :

“I think Huckabee is very effective, and if Huckabee can find money, he will be dramatically competitive almost overnight,” Gingrich said. “He’s probably the best performer in terms of giving speeches and being appealing…”

Gingrich, who announced Saturday that he would not seek the presidency in 2008, heaped more praise on Huckabee, the former governor of Arkansas.

“I mean, there’s something about him that is just - you just have to like Mike,” Gingrich said on ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos,” adding that Huckabee would become “instantly competitive” if given the funds to succeed.

Bill Clinton, who also appeared on the show, said Huckabee is the only GOP “dark horse that’s got any kind of chance.”

Breaking News! Mike Huckabee Pays $400 For A Haircut!

First some background to this breaking story. We know that Mike Huckabee has poked fun at Democratic candidate John Edwards for his ultra expensive hair care. At an earlier televised debate, Mike joked, "Congress spends money like John Edwards in a beauty shop."

Well, I was with Mike Huckabee today and he admitted in front of me and several witnesses that he himself had just paid $400 for a haircut this very morning! Have I just learned that my mentor, my favorite candidate, Mike Huckabee is a hypocrite?Well it is true, He did indeed pay $400 today for a trim at a local hair cutter this morning, Everyone can relax, though, The hair cutter, who like me, has a son with autism and was raising money for Autism Research. The $400 is a donation for a great cause. This businessman has challenged all the presidential candidates, but only Mike has taken him up on the challenge. Good Job Mike!

You want to know another funny part to the story? The hair cutter is located 2 doors down from the Edwards campaign office. It just doesn't get any better than this!

Dale Fitzpatrick
Posted by Massachusetts For Mike Huckabee

Real Clear Politics Interview with Mike Huckabee

September 25, 2007
Mike Huckabee: The RCP Interview

RCP: As a social conservative who recently won the Palmetto State Straw poll, how do you explain trailing candidates like Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson in South Carolina?

Mike Huckabee: Well, the numbers that you're talking about really are reflecting two things. One is the money being spent by the candidates on paid advertisements; two is the amount of exposure they're getting and free media because of their celebrity status. But when we go head-to-head, I end up winning. So for us it's always been about the trajectory of momentum which for us has been upward very consistently and if you look at some of the numbers of the so-called frontrunners, they're polling behind where they themselves were before. Ours have continued to go up, they can continue to level off or slip backwards.

As more people get familiar with me and my message, we end up getting [voters'] support. So it's not really that big of a concern at this stage. January, you know, is a whole different deal. I mean, we're seeing it just as we thought it would play out for us back last January when we started. We knew we were starting at rock bottom and had to just build it on message. And it wouldn't be about that we could lay down as big as check book as some of these other candidates. But our numbers are picking up and the good thing for us is that in the three early states we are in play with all the boys in the big league.

Full Article

Vertical Day Video Conference

Huckabee praised for Education Record

(Editor note: I knew Lu Hardin while on Governor Huckabee's staff, He is a highly respected educator and public servant.)

University President Lauds Huckabee on Education
September 24th, 2007

Mike Huckabee has the rare ability to combine intellect, decisiveness, vision and a sense of humor. I served for six years as the Director of the Arkansas Department of Higher Education in Mike Huckabee’s cabinet. I observed him close up, solving complex problems and bringing constituencies to the table, and ultimately bringing constituencies together.

One of Mike Huckabee’s strongest abilities, if elected President of the United States, is clearly his vision. He created ARKids First, which has helped over 70,000 Arkansas children receive insurance coverage and health care which they would not otherwise have received. He created the Smart Start and the Smart Step programs which requires accountability in K-12 and helps improve our school systems. He doubled the number of Academic Challenge Scholarships in the state and increased the Governor’s Distinguished Scholarship, resulting in 88% of the best and brightest of our students staying in Arkansas for their college education.

I traveled to Israel with Mike Huckabee and sat in on a meeting between Huckabee and Shimon Perez. Huckabee has the domestic credentials to be President and the international understanding to be respected worldwide. It is a privilege to call this talented individual my friend.

Lu Hardin, President, University of Central Arkansas, Former Arkansas State Senator and Director of Higher Education

The Club for Growth has lost all credibility.

Sunday, 23 September 2007
Mike Huckabee on the obligation to govern

THERE’S A PRINCIPLE that I long thought was a given in American politics. As long as it held true, it didn’t matter so much if the “wrong” candidate won an election. No matter what sort of nonsense he had spouted on the stump, this stark truth would take him in its unforgiving grip, set him down and moderate him.
Mike Huckabee, who is seeking the Republican nomination for president, made reference to this principle when he met with our editorial board Thursday: "One of the tough jobs of governing is, you actually have to do it.” That may sound so obvious that it’s foolish, like “One thing about water is, it’s wet.” But it can come as a cold shock.

Full Article

This isn't just a campaign, this is our future!

Unfortunately I will be on the road for much of vertical day. I will seek out hot spots along the way.

Join me and Team Huckabee in making this one of the greatest days of the campaign by doing the following:

-Write or call Representatives in Congress or in state legislature, ask them to support Mike
-Talk to friends and send out e-mail and letters
-Donate a minimum of $10 and ask others to do the same,
-Campaign at public events
-Leave comments on non committed conservative Blogs about Mike.
-Put up Huckabee door hangers go to www.ktracy.com for printable hangers
-Distribute information on Governor Huckabee
-Post Huckabee campaign schedule in public places.
-Buy or make campaign material (Signs, bumper stickers, etc.) Go to the I Like Mike Shop in the right column, All profits will be donated to the campaign!
-Take every opportunity to speak at public events in support of Mike. (Do your homework first)
-Call in to radio programs and other media and explain why you support Gov. Huckabee, This is about our country let's have at least the same enthusiasm we have for our favorite sports teams!
-Create a blog for Huckabee and link to Illinois4Huckabee!
-PRAY FOR MIKE and all of Team Huckabee!!!

Get gutsy, Get vocal, Get Busy!

Vertical Day, a note from Mike Huckabee

September 22, 2007 - 11:06 AM
Vertical Day
by Mike Huckabee Send to a friend

Everywhere I go on the campaign trail, I meet voters with a real thirst for a healthy discussion of the issues. Ultimately, people don't care whether an issue comes from the left or the right. What they want to talk about are ideas that lift America up and make us better. It's what I call "Vertical Politics."

On Monday, our campaign has set aside 24 hours, for what we are calling a "Vertical Day". The focus of Vertical Day will be a discussion of the most important issues facing America. The plan is to promote my positions on these issues through video and personal blogs, and to have an online conversation with voters about our ideas, the solutions we see possible, our hopes for America and the challenges we face.

I'd like you to be a part of Vertical Day. I encourage you to tell your friends, family members and co-workers about it and ask them to participate. Vertical Day will start on Monday, September 24 and end on Tuesday, Sept. 25. I'm excited about this opportunity. With your help, and the power of the Internet, we will be able to involve thousands of voters all across America and truly build excitement around this discussion of issues.

To encourage you to make the time to be a part of Vertical Day, my campaign team has put together an incentive package that I hope will be fun and also create buzz and excitement. First, we've created a special Vertical Day page on our website, where you can view the 24 hours of online content we have pulled together.

We also have created a very simple online tool that will give you the ability to promote Vertical Day to your friends, family members and co-workers. We've developed a package of rewards based upon the number of people you are able to get to visit the website.

I will have more details for you soon. In the meantime, please mark Monday, Sept. 24 down on your calendars.

Huckabee Fires Both Barrels

National Review Online, Jim Geraghty
Huckabee, Fluent in the NRA's Language
Fred wowed 'em, the crowd loved McCain's rejoinder to the Code Pink protester, Mitt Romney's video went over well, and Rudy Giuliani earned their respect. But the guy who absolutely looked the most at home before the NRA today was probably Mike Huckabee.

Beginning with a jab at Rosie O'Donnell, and saying that because he was underdressed, he felt "as out of place as George Soros at an American Legion post", Huckabee used humor and homespun anecdotes to prove his bona fides as "one of them."

The American Spectator

Mike Huckabee just gave a masterful performance at the NRA conference, not only taking jabs at his opponents on gun rights and asserting his support for the Second Amendment, but doing it with good humor. Although he didn't put it in these words, the underlying message of his speech was: "I'm one of you."
He took aim at both Rudy and Romney when he suggested to the audience that they should "look at past behavior" to get a credible idea of whether you can believe candidates and understand their future performance. In obvious jabs at Romney, he said of the NRA that "I didn't just join last year," and pointed out that when politicians bring up the issue of hunting when talking about gun rights it's obvious that they don't understand gun rights. He said he was a hunter himself "not just 50 years ago"--again, another jab at Romney. Then he followed the rule of show, don't tell--recounting his own stories hunting ducks, turkey, and antelope. He demonstrated his knowledge by referring to the details of the specific guns he was using. But he said the Second Amendment was about a lot more, including people's right to defend themselves. Also, he got sentimental, talking about how fathers hand firearms down to to their sons. He has a rustly old gun, that his father gave him, and it brings back a lot of childhood memories. "I can't see a father saying, 'Son, when I die, I'm going to give you my Playstation,'" he joked, generating laughs.

Huckabee Wins Again!

How many times do you have to win to be a first tier candidate?
And will someone please tell Ron Paul, he's not a republican, he's a libertarian. The smoke and mirrors are getting annoying.

Huckabee Wins Palmetto Family Council Straw Poll
By - John Boyanoski
(September 20, 2007)
A few seconds before he walked to the podium, Sarah Huckabee put her arm around her father and wished him good luck.

It must have worked.

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee won the Palmetto Family Council Straw Poll Thursday night - a sign that he may be gaining a foothold amongst the conservative right of the state's Republican Party.

Huckabee got 206 of the 539 votes cast. He edged U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, who got 179, but had a very vocal support group. They waved banners and wore stickers. Cheered their candidate when he spoke via telephone to the crowd. One man walked across the convention floor filming them.

Full Article

Mike Huckabee Wins Ohio Christian Alliance Freedom Banquet Straw Poll

Last night in Akron, the Ohio Christian Alliance held their semi-annual Freedom Banquet. Here are the results of those who attended the dinner:
Mike Huckabee - 32%
Fred Thompson - 26%
Rudy Giuliani - 12%

A Nation in Need of a Leader

“Conservatives are ready for a cogent and articulate presentation of the conservative message. And, as much as we appreciate the steadiness and focus of President Bush in defending the homeland, the fact is, the message has been lost.”

“The American People want to be inspired. Conservatives, in particular, demand from their leadership a higher standard. The election losses of 2006 are a perfect example of what happens when our politicians put self interest before the Republic’s interest. Mike Huckabee is a genuine person of character, with an inner strength that is based on an abiding Faith. In the difficult days ahead, these qualities will sustain him, and provide us all with the leadership the nation needs.”

Written by blogger: Nuke's New's and Views

The Huckabee Surge Continues!

I have said throughout this campaign that if you hear Mike you will like Mike!
Results of the Values Voters Straw Poll

Value Voters are America's Largest voting block.

Before/After Debate
119/219 Mike Huckabee
53/44 Ron Paul
30/24 Alan Keyes
26/18 Sam Brownback
52/15 Fred Thompson
8/13 Duncan Hunter
8/7 Tom Tancredo
16/4 Rudy Guiliani
1/2 John Cox
13/2 John McCain
14/0 Mitt Romney

Value Voters Victory!

The New York Times

September 18, 2007, 5:49 pm
Value Voters Pick Huckabee
By Michael Luo
For all those wondering whether Mitt Romney can break through among Christian conservatives, add this data point: he was the only candidate who received zero votes in a straw poll after last night’s Values Voters Debate, an event he and the other leading Republican contenders decided to skip.

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee was the runaway winner with 64 percent of the vote, raising anew the question of whether Christian conservative leaders and voters might be able to coalesce around him as a longshot candidate and propel him to the first tier in the Republican race.

Huckabee triumphs in ‘Value Voters’ straw poll

By Klaus Marre The Hill
September 18, 2007
Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) was the big winner of a straw poll of “value voters,” garnering 64 percent of the vote and easily beating all other GOP presidential hopefuls.


Pictured left:
Mr and Mrs. Fred Thompson

Below is a new petition started by Adam Bertrand, a couageous
person who like the rest of us is sick and tired of the Washington/Hollywood aristocracy.

Get on Board! Sign the petition.

I was the thirteenth signee. Thirteen is a great number to start a movement!

Here's the petition:

To: Fred Thompson
Recently Republican Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee sent a letter challenging you to a one-on-one Lincoln-Douglas styled debate.

The former Arkansas governor drafted the letter following comments you made on the Fox News Channel, criticizing the current process of presidential primary debates for not being "designed to illuminate people's thoughts, feelings."

And, stating, "I kind of think that Newt's idea of going back to a Lincoln-Douglas debate type format where you have two people sit down or stand up ... and discuss one particular topic in depth, and go back and forth about it," referring to a proposal by former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich.

In an interview with CBS News following his address at the AARP convention in Boston, Huckabee said, "I'd be more than happy to accept his offer. I'd love to be in a debate like that and I'm hoping that he'll let me know when and where." Huckabee suggested that the first debate be in New Hampshire.

Asked if he thought he would win, Huckabee said, "I don't know, but I think the American people will win if we have that kind of discussion where we really spend that kind of time in depth on issues."

Mr. Thompson, you, turned down Governor Huckabee's acceptance of a Lincoln-Douglas styled debate; even after over 2,000 voters co-signed Governor Huckabee's letter asking you to debate him.

The below signed believe you have done a disservice to the American voters, and would insist that you reconsider turning down this offer. We will be informing our friends of your decision, as well as spreading the word online, until you will change your mind, and as Governor Huckabee stated, “let the people hear a real discussion by the candidates about there vision for the future of our country.”


Governor Huckabee responds to MoveOn.org

Little Rock, AR – Former AR Governor and Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee issued the following statement today regarding the recent advertisement by moveon.org about Gen. Petraeus in the New York Times:

“The disgraceful act of the leftist organization, moveon.org, has marked a new low watermark in American discourse. To accuse a patriotic, honorable, and highly decorated soldier like General David Petraeus of treason by intimating that he had betrayed his duty, his honor, and his country is appalling.

“The full page ad in the New York Times run by this organization is an attack on our entire military – and George Soros should spend an equal amount of his vast wealth for another full page ad apologizing to General Petraeus and to every American who has served or who is serving in the military.

“The very people who Soros savaged with his vile, despicable, and cowardly attack are the ones who have earned Mr. Soros and people of his ilk the right to display their pathetic hatred of this nation's military in a public forum.

“While an apology to General Petraeus would be in order, one can’t expect it from the caliber of people who are devoid of dignity.

“I call on every candidate for President, whether Democrat or Republican, to join in a condemnation of this outrageous insult to our military. The fact that such an abuse of free speech is legal doesn’t make it right or responsible. Surely everyone who wishes to be Commander in Chief of our Armed Forces can agree that the attack on the character of a General currently directing our troops in battle deserves condemnation. I hope that Democratic and Republican candidates alike will take a stand and denounce this dishonorable act."

It's Time for Brownback to Back out and Back Huckabee

Take a look at this picture, notice the crowd. On September 5th, Sen. Brownback held a campaign event in New Hampshire. Join me in encouraging him to support Mike Huckabee.

On August 20th I wrote:
Senator Brownback is an honorable man and if not for the presence of Mike Huckabee, he would have my support. The Senator is taking a five day vacation.

I hope he spends the time in prayer and reflection. Then, I encourage him to step down and support Governor Huckabee. This would be a selfless and courageous act and one that would give strength to the causes he believes in. I see him as a great leader in the Senate during the Huckabee administration.

Again, Senator, if you want to win on the issues you hold dear; If you believe what you say; there is something you can do to move our cause forward: Join Team Huckabee!

David Weigel, Associate Editor of Reason Magazine wrote:
"Brownback generally seems lost in the crowd during these debates, and from a tactical perspective he ought to be throwing more punches. (Or getting out of the race entirely.)"
"Brownback should quit the race. There was a contest for the role of consistent, pro-life, "family friendly" conservative, and Mike Huckabee won it."
Blue State Republican wrote:
Senator Brownback, Please Do The Right Thing
"On August 15, after Mike Huckabee defeated Sam Brownback in the Iowa straw poll, despite the fact that Brownback spent several hundreds of thousands of dollars to Huckabee's pittance, we here at Mike Huckabee President 2008 asked Sen. Brownback to please drop out of the race and let conservatives coalesce behind their preferred candidate. "

Candidate Huckabee: 'Veto spending bills'

ByJim Galloway The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Published on: 09/09/07Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee on Saturday called on President Bush to veto excessive spending bills sent to him by the Democratic-controlled Congress in the next few weeks.

Full Article

After the Iowa straw poll, Huckabee rises as Brownback falls

The Kansas City Star

Mike Huckabee is drawing big crowds in New Hampshire, but Sen. Sam Brownback of Kansas is not having such luck. Last week, he spoke to a small audience in Manchester, N.H.
There’s GOP candidate Mike Huckabee, grinning and picking his bass guitar on the National Review cover. The headline: “Huck!”

There he is on ABC’s “This Week” with George Stephanopoulos, who tells viewers that Huckabee has “been on a roll.”

Big crowds in New Hampshire. Appearances on “Fox News Sunday,” CBS’ “Face the Nation,” Bill Maher’s program on HBO and Stephen Colbert’s show on Comedy Central. Big profiles in the big papers. And best — big bumps in the polls.

Full Article

Peggy Noonan Hearts Huckabee

Ron Paul's support isn't based on his persona, history or perceived power. What support he has comes because of his views. As he spoke, you could hear other candidates laughing in the background. They should stop giggling, and engage in a serious way.

Mike Huckabee, and for this I ♥ Huckabee, shot back that history will judge whether we were right to go in, but for now, "we're there." He echoed Colin Powell: We broke it, now we own it. "Congressman, we are one nation. We can't be divided. . . . If we make a mistake, we make it as a single country, the United States of America, not the divided states of America." David Brody of the Christian Broadcasting Network says he doesn't know why Mr. Huckabee isn't in the top tier. I wonder too. Maybe he is and we don't know it.

The Word that Could Change a Nation: Honor

When Mike huckabee spoke of Honor, I beleive he struck a chord with most of the nation.

Huckabee Vaults To Head Of Pack After FOX News Debate Performance

September 06, 2007
Little Rock- AR - Former Governor and Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee (AR) placed second in a Fox News post-debate poll of online viewers, topping all of the other so-called 'first-tier' contenders, following last night's debate in New Hampshire.

Huckabee received 18% of American Idol styled Text Message votes, compared to 15% for Giuliani, 14% for McCain and 12% for Romney.

"I'm very pleased to see the strong support I have among Fox viewers who watched last night's debate. There was clearly a feeling of intense energy in the debate hall for the campaign. It's gratifying to know that my optimistic, conservative, results-oriented message connects with voters-and that we have the numbers to back that perception," said Huckabee.

Huckabee's debate victory continues his campaign's tremendous momentum, which was sparked by a strong Second Place showing at the Republican Party of Iowa Straw Poll in August.

Campaign Manager Chip Saltsman said: "Governor Huckabee clearly had a break-out moment during his exchange with Congressman Ron Paul during last night's debate - which illuminated his leadership qualities, experience, dedication to principle, and vision for a unified America. The Fox poll is yet another indicator that voters are beginning to realize that Governor Huckabee has what is needed to take America to higher ground."

Huckabee's upward climb was affirmed with last week's American Research Group poll numbers showing him with growing momentum in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina.

Huckabee, who scored a stunning second-place in the Republican Party of Iowa straw poll on Aug. 11, received support from 14 percent of Iowans and 9 percent of New Hampshire Republicans in the ARG poll. Huckabee stands at 9 percent in South Carolina, up from 3 percent in July. A wide array of bloggers joined Fox News viewers in naming Huckabee the winner of last night's debate.

See Interview from This Morning

Post Debate Articles

The Brody File
McCain and Huckabee Shine in GOP Debate
September 5, 2007

The Atlantic
Marc Ambinder

The New York Observer
Steve Kornacki

More to come

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