This isn't just a campaign, this is our future!

Unfortunately I will be on the road for much of vertical day. I will seek out hot spots along the way.

Join me and Team Huckabee in making this one of the greatest days of the campaign by doing the following:

-Write or call Representatives in Congress or in state legislature, ask them to support Mike
-Talk to friends and send out e-mail and letters
-Donate a minimum of $10 and ask others to do the same,
-Campaign at public events
-Leave comments on non committed conservative Blogs about Mike.
-Put up Huckabee door hangers go to for printable hangers
-Distribute information on Governor Huckabee
-Post Huckabee campaign schedule in public places.
-Buy or make campaign material (Signs, bumper stickers, etc.) Go to the I Like Mike Shop in the right column, All profits will be donated to the campaign!
-Take every opportunity to speak at public events in support of Mike. (Do your homework first)
-Call in to radio programs and other media and explain why you support Gov. Huckabee, This is about our country let's have at least the same enthusiasm we have for our favorite sports teams!
-Create a blog for Huckabee and link to Illinois4Huckabee!
-PRAY FOR MIKE and all of Team Huckabee!!!

Get gutsy, Get vocal, Get Busy!