It's Time for Brownback to Back out and Back Huckabee

Take a look at this picture, notice the crowd. On September 5th, Sen. Brownback held a campaign event in New Hampshire. Join me in encouraging him to support Mike Huckabee.

On August 20th I wrote:
Senator Brownback is an honorable man and if not for the presence of Mike Huckabee, he would have my support. The Senator is taking a five day vacation.

I hope he spends the time in prayer and reflection. Then, I encourage him to step down and support Governor Huckabee. This would be a selfless and courageous act and one that would give strength to the causes he believes in. I see him as a great leader in the Senate during the Huckabee administration.

Again, Senator, if you want to win on the issues you hold dear; If you believe what you say; there is something you can do to move our cause forward: Join Team Huckabee!

David Weigel, Associate Editor of Reason Magazine wrote:
"Brownback generally seems lost in the crowd during these debates, and from a tactical perspective he ought to be throwing more punches. (Or getting out of the race entirely.)"
"Brownback should quit the race. There was a contest for the role of consistent, pro-life, "family friendly" conservative, and Mike Huckabee won it."
Blue State Republican wrote:
Senator Brownback, Please Do The Right Thing
"On August 15, after Mike Huckabee defeated Sam Brownback in the Iowa straw poll, despite the fact that Brownback spent several hundreds of thousands of dollars to Huckabee's pittance, we here at Mike Huckabee President 2008 asked Sen. Brownback to please drop out of the race and let conservatives coalesce behind their preferred candidate. "