Huckabee praised for Education Record

(Editor note: I knew Lu Hardin while on Governor Huckabee's staff, He is a highly respected educator and public servant.)

University President Lauds Huckabee on Education
September 24th, 2007

Mike Huckabee has the rare ability to combine intellect, decisiveness, vision and a sense of humor. I served for six years as the Director of the Arkansas Department of Higher Education in Mike Huckabee’s cabinet. I observed him close up, solving complex problems and bringing constituencies to the table, and ultimately bringing constituencies together.

One of Mike Huckabee’s strongest abilities, if elected President of the United States, is clearly his vision. He created ARKids First, which has helped over 70,000 Arkansas children receive insurance coverage and health care which they would not otherwise have received. He created the Smart Start and the Smart Step programs which requires accountability in K-12 and helps improve our school systems. He doubled the number of Academic Challenge Scholarships in the state and increased the Governor’s Distinguished Scholarship, resulting in 88% of the best and brightest of our students staying in Arkansas for their college education.

I traveled to Israel with Mike Huckabee and sat in on a meeting between Huckabee and Shimon Perez. Huckabee has the domestic credentials to be President and the international understanding to be respected worldwide. It is a privilege to call this talented individual my friend.

Lu Hardin, President, University of Central Arkansas, Former Arkansas State Senator and Director of Higher Education