Team Huckabee

What is Team Huckabee?

Team Huckabee is about bringing together hundreds of thousand of individuals to revolutionize America and restore the Greatness of this Nation.

Mike Huckabee has grown up knowing and believing that when ordinary people come together for a cause, extraordinary things will happen. You can play an important role than ever by joining Team Huckabee.

This grass roots movement will separate Mike Huckabee from the other candidates. It will create a network of individuals across the country and will be the base for the entire campaign. Mike Huckabee can’t do it alone but WE CAN DO IT TOGETHER!

When you JOIN TEAM HUCKABEE, you will be sent a personalized and numbered membership card which can be used to receive special privileges at some Huckabee for President Events. You will receive a monthly email newsletter informing you of what is going on with the campaign and you will also be notified of special events coming up. We also ask that you recruit for Team Huckabee, by getting your friends to join Team Huckabee you help grow the network and take the campaign one more step closer to the White House.

Simply complete the information and make a minimum contribution of at least $20.08. That's right, $20.08 can change the world! If you can give more please do. You will be sent your membership card, a Huckabee for President Bumper Sticker and ask that you find five more people to JOIN TEAM HUCKABEE.

I joined, how about you!

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