More Than Words

“Americans are equipped with unmatchable resolve to meet any challenge, from threats overseas to troubling issues at home. Divided, we are ineffectual, but together, we have majestic strength. Progress cannot happen with the current bipartisan rift dividing it. We need a change in perspective and a clear plan of action so we can become a truly indivisible nation.

“Our next President must be an authentic conservative who can champion our core values in a way that is genuine, consistent and believable. I have the experience, vision and plan to restore America’s greatness by empowering everyday people who make us strong.

“Having gone from Hope, AR to being chairman of the National Governors’ Association and influencing national policy, I believe in the American spirit of opportunity for all. I believe every American has a noble calling to go from hope to higher ground. I ask for your support for my campaign effort to lead us there.”