Why I Like Mike: Lucy Shea

This Election Cycle I will be a one issue voter.

Who will care about my family?

Who will consider what is
best for my family,
best protect my family,
make decisions with my family in mind.

Today My granddaughter, Lucy Shea was born.

This is a picture of her when she was the size of a Rice Krispy.

I became a grandfather the day she was conceived and today
I saw her,
held her,
kissed her and
imagined what a future she could have and how loved she will be.
There is only one candidate that has passionately cared about the safety and future for my granddaughter when this picture was taken.

There is only one candidate I can trust her future to, only one candidate I trust with the lives of my family:
Mike Huckabee.

This election isn't about who can do what for who.

It's about who we can trust.

We can trust Mike because he is one of us.

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