Let's Unify Behind Mike Huckabee

Janet Folger wrote:

Needed: Unity, not compromise

I have had people ask me to blast the leaders who have made outrageous endorsements. I have not. I have been asked to blast a prominent pro-life group that is making an endorsement today. I will not. What I will do is continue to differentiate where the candidates stand on the deal-breaker issues of the right to life and marriage.

We need unity – but what we don't need is compromise. The only thing this latest endorsement shows us is that our leaders are divided. The good news is that the grass roots are not. The two best indicators of where values voters stand are those who attended the Values Voter Presidential Debate and Summit where Gov. Mike Huckabee won both contests with more votes than all of the other candidates – combined. The 5-to-1 margin in both was clear – the leaders may be divided, but the values voters are not. We need a place of unity, not a place of compromise.

Our leaders are divided and on the wrong track. I call for all Christians to pray for them. Fear and finances have replaced faith and family values. A historic reminder: Gov. Mike Huckabee is exactly where Ronald Reagan was in 1979 in the polls and in finances. With everything up for grabs in this next election, NOW is the time for the uncompromising and unified grass roots to rise up and lead.

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