HUCKABEE Bumper stickers!

From a fellow Huckabee supporter:

I know you can get bulk quantities of bumper stickers on ebay, but I wanted to give those a chance who wanted to get just one…..the chance to get just one.

Come to my website at the bottom of the main page or in the Clearance Section to order your own Mike Huckabee for President Bumper Sticker for only 99 cents with FREE shipping.

I’m not making any money off of these…..I just want to help spread the word about Future President Huckabee and encourage you to help his publicity cause.

My supply is limited right now, but I’ve got another 100 coming in soon. Again, I’m actually losing a small amount each transaction since I’m paying for shipping, but it’s worth it. I’ll get your sticker in the mail within 24hrs. No other stickers on my site….just Gov H.

Thanks to those who have already responded.

God Bless Team Huckabee
Chris from Alamo City Cards

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Thanks for your business! Acts 4:12