Keep the Huckasurge going!

Paraphrasing the great Kevin Tracy:
We (us, the grassroots) need to raise $1 MILLION for Governor Huckabee by midnight tonight!
This is an incredible task and it would put Governor Huckabee at about$3 million cash on hand going into December! Although it may not be the $30 million Romney has, the Huckabee campaign has proven they can spend $1 more effectively than Romney’s can spend $10. In fact, they can spend it better than $100 for Romney.

If you donate $100 to Governor Huckabee, it would be like donating $10,000 to Mitt Romney.

Talk about fiscal conservatism!

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If it won't get $100 out of you nothing will.

Also please donate through the Huckabee Ranger graphic above and to the right, help me meet my goal today!