Should we ask for our money back?

All of us have supported, at some level those pro family organizations fighting for us in Washington.

I'm not sure if Pogo actually said this but as I look at so many of the leaders of these Organizations I think of the quote: "We have met the enemy and he is us!"

One of the most baffling events related to this campaign is the resistance of the establishment Washington insiders who lead our well established Christian organizations. We thought they were looking out for the interests of our families and our faith. It turns out they were looking out for their own interests.

What are you feeling about this?

I kind of feel duped by con men.
I feel betrayed.
I want God's money back to use where it should have gone in the first place, my church for ministry.
The events of recent days caught me totally off guard.

The persecution of Christians throughout the world is escalating. Over 100,000 are killed each year because they stand by their principle and beliefs.
Many of our leaders are teaching us how to stay alive in America.
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