Finally, some Christian Leaders stand by their principles!

In a day when so called "Christian leaders" are forsaking their principles for access to perceived Presidential front runners and lucrative consultation fees to bring in the "Evangelical Christian votes."

In a day when the so called "fighters for family values" are fighting to keep families at risk to prevent their organizational fundraising efforts from diminishing.

In a day when our so called Christian leaders have lost their right to be called leaders, some shining lights emerge

AFA Founder Wildmon Endorses Huckabee

The campaign of Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee today announced that Huckabee had secured the endorsement of Donald E. Wildmon, founder of American Family Association.

"The AFA represents and stands for traditional family values, focusing primarily on the influence of television and other media – including pornography – on our society."

"I feel that Gov. Huckabee understands the needs of our country and has the ability to lead us in meeting those needs," Wildmon said. "I'm proud to receive the support from such an influential member of the religious community," Huckabee said. "Rev. Wildmon and I share the same values on faith and family, which are key issues for the Republican party."

Another Christian Leader who stands tall is Rick Scarborough, President of Vision America.
He wrote, "Over and again I have been encouraged by men I admire to be patient. But I submit that our patience has moved beyond prudence, and we are increasingly being viewed as irrelevant. I would submit that our mistake has been that we have been looking for perfection in a candidate, which can only lead to frustration." "Wherever Huckabee is exposed to values voters, he is their clear choice. We witnessed this in Ft. Lauderdale in September when approximately 2,000 assembled for the Values Voter Debate in which more than 40 members of our coalition participated, and again among those who were on site at the Values Voters Washington Briefing in October. On both occasions, he won with more than 50 percent of the votes cast on site and with a 5 to 1 margin over his nearest rival. Those of us who were in the room when Huckabee delivered his remarks in D.C. could sense the enthusiasm of the attendees for his message as well as his candidacy, as they interrupted his speech numerous times with standing ovations."

"Some correctly point out that Huckabee hasn't raised enough money to conduct a national campaign and therefore suggest he is "unelectable." That appears to be changing, but while the money issue is important, it should not be the most important consideration for people of faith. We should not overlook the fact that he, a Republican, was elected thrice in a predominately Democrat state where he received over 45 percent of the black vote."

"I suggest that God may be sending us a lifeline. Who better to lead a nation nearing moral collapse and perhaps World War III than a president who is also a pastor with 10 years of senior executive experience as a governor? Many in the secular press are now reporting that he is a legitimate first-tier candidate whose star is rising while others are fading. Millions of voters are gravitating to him."

"I acknowledge I am not as politically savvy as some, and you should consider that as you read this open letter, but I have concluded that Gov. Mike Huckabee is our best hope for leading this nation at this time."

Rick Warren Said:
“I know most of the candidates running for president but I’ve known Mike Huckabee the longest, since we did our graduate degrees together in the late 70s. Mike’s a man of vision, compassion, and integrity. I’ve watched his uncanny ability to identify with normal people in ways that many leaders don’t. That’s probably why TIME named him one of the five best governors in America. He’s definitely presidential material. But honestly, what I find most appealing is his self-deprecating humor. That’s a key sign of a spiritually and emotionally healthy leader - someone who is comfortable with himself, is authentic, doesn’t wear a mask, and is secure enough to be humble. People love that.”

Note to: Gary Bauer, Pat Robertson, Paul Weyrich, Bob Jones III, John Hagee, Tony Perkins, Mark DeMoss, Richard Land

You have divided the Evangelical Christian community, threatened our significance, lost your right to lead, put our families in danger, and damaged the cause of Christ for your own thirst for power, and position.

You have not served us or Christ well.

We are EXTREMELY disappointed in you!

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