Principle vs Pragmatism

Last night my wife and I called the National Right to Life Committee. We were told there has not been an endorsement and one is not expected.

Today they endorsed Thompson!
Here's the release
I called 202-626-8825

I asked if they supported the amendment.
She said, "yes."

"Why would you endorse a man who doesn't?"

"It's a pragmatic decision."

"So Pragmatic is more important than principles?"

no answer.

"So your organization no longer supports the amendment that has been on the Republican platform since 1980?"

"Yes, we do."

"But your candidate doesn't."

"It's a pragmatic decision."

"What is pragmatic about it? Thompson has been falling in the polls while Huckabee has been rising."

"I can't answer that."

"What's wrong with Mike Huckabee?"

"Nothing." (a little softer reflective tone, then her voice almost sad sounding) "It's a pragmatic decision."

I truly feel sorry for those who are part of the Right to Life organization. It must be very disheartening. I wonder how many more babies will die?

"For organizations like National Right to Life, Family Research Council, the Christian Broadcast Network and others to maintain their strength and viability, the issues they fight to resolve must remain unresolved.
Now that is true pragmatism!"

Let's keep calling and questioning until we get an honest answer.

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