Can Mike Huckabee out-charm the GOP big three?

In a race dominated by Giuliani, McCain and Romney, the folksy Arkansas Republican is a long shot. But he's the one Christian conservative running who might not scare independents.
By Michael Scherer

March 5, 2007 WAUKEE, Iowa -- When he woke up this morning, Mike Evans knew basically nothing about former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee. But now he sits in a booth at Philly's Finest, a pizza joint squeezed between a tanning salon and a tax shop in an Iowa mini-mall, waiting for the long-shot 2008 Republican presidential candidate to arrive. He has brought along his five home-schooled children, all younger than 14, who are digging into pizza and soda pop. In his hand, he holds Huckabee's Wikipedia entry, printed out just hours earlier. "I Googled him," he says.

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