Mike Huckabee's Five Smooth Stones

We are in this race to win despite the desperate efforts by the Romney campaign to try and say that "a vote for me is a vote for McCain". Actually, a vote for me is a vote for me!

We have outlasted Rudy, Fred, and others who were supposed to be the winners. Only 8% of the Republican delegates have been selected, and we have about the same number of delegates as McCain or Romney. We are in it to win.

The Romney campaign knows this and they are running scared.

So far the media has with a few exceptions, been content to sell this sham of a story to their viewers and listeners. You would think that under this coordinated assault, we would be sinking in the polls nationally.

Not so. FOX News has us tied with Gov. Romney in 2nd place nationally in a new poll of registered voters.

What's more, in Tennessee, Georgia, Missouri, Alabama, Arkansas and Oklahoma, recent polls have us in first or tied for first.

We can win. We will win.

To close this gap from 2nd to 1st and shock the pundits, and more importantly our rivals, I need your immediate financial support. I am counting on you as I always have, because you are the five smooth stones in my pocket.

Make an immediate contribution of $25 or more today and watch us soar. (Use the Ranger Button above)

I am counting on you for victory.

With deepest gratitude.


From the Editor: I am raising my goal to $5,000. Too much is at stake! Give NOW!