A Message to Huckabee Supporters from a Huckabee Supporter

Illinois4Huckabee will stay!

Visit from time to time and send us a note at 4huckabee@gmail.com. It’s been an exciting year!
One of our videos was viewed over 6,500 times.
(The one with my Granddaughter!)

Thank you to all 20,000 of you who came by for information about Mike. I hope that we were able to encourage you about our great candidate.

The most rewarding part of this election was witnessing millions of Americans getting to know the man I have known for 15 years. America has a man from Hope who can give us hope. His name is Mike Huckabee! His message is one that resonates with most Americans; the rest of us who want an America we can remember but see slipping away from us.

I have been so proud of Mike, Janet, their family and the thousands of workers in this amazing grassroots effort.

I have also been greatly disappointed in many I once respected.

In much the same way that I can never again enjoy great movies in which actors like Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, Barbara Streisand and many others appear. The Huckabee Campaign has brought to light great truth about many whom I have held in high esteem.

What has been so disappointing through this process is the observation of those who I thought stood for the things Mike speaks of. It has been apparent that most are only concerned about maintaining the status quo and making sure their sources of income and fame are preserved.

These political operatives fall into three categories, although those categories overlap to an extent. Three groups seemingly unrelated yet acting with the same motives and the same fears.

1. "So called" Christian Leaders who refused to support Mike. Most of us would think they would have immediately embraced "one of their own", but Mike is not one of them and thankfully so. They drain the pocketbooks of the unsuspecting with promises to fight for us. They do fight but just enough to keep the battle raging, the money flowing and power expanding. They not only refused to support Mike, many actively fought against him. At first some said if he had traction they would support, yet when he got traction they didn't support. If they had supported Mike from the start, we would still be on track to the White House. They are unprincipled.

2. Establishment Republicans need to maintain the status quo. Horizontal politics, as Mike calls it. Back scratching and rhetoric. Lots of perks and power. Mike is one of US. He would be a "peoples" President. This threatens the status quo. Fred Thompson and Mitt Romney are establishment Republicans who maliciously and dishonestly attacked Mike with misleading ads. A distortion of truth is a lie. They can never be trusted to lead. They are unprincipled.

3. The Radio Kings. Those telling us so called "truth"; tell us what we believe; they are the true preservers of "true conservatism"; "Anti liberals"; fighters of evil. Yet, they relentlessly attacked Mike with the same misinformation that Romney and Thompson had. They are unprincipled.


Why not Mike?

Because . . .Mike could have brought our nation back together.

He could have restored the Presidency to an office of integrity, action and decency.

He leads by example.

"We the people" could have finally had a voice.

These three unprincipled groups thrive
from a divided nation,
from the preservation of a deteriorating nation.

They need to be needed but they do not bring solutions.

I became a Republican in 1982 because I thought that Republicans stood for something.
I fear I may have another disappointment on its way.

Thank you Mike Huckabee for giving us a glimpse of a new day.

There will be another election in 2012. Gov. Huckabee has promised to keep up the mikehuckabee.com site for the 3.9 million people who have already voted for him and we hope you'll stay on board for the next 4 years...because we'll need you for the next round.

When you are ready to battle again, we will be with you!

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Thank you!
Larry Toller
Editor, Illinois4Huckabee