Huckabee wins another vote!

While other candidates wouldn't even notice the servers for a meal. Mike does and that's what sets him apart!

From CBS News' Joy Lin: COLUMBIA, S.C. --

“The wait staff has a beyond impossible job,” said Huckabee this morning as he looked into a packed diner where cameramen and supporters blocked passage through the narrow aisles. “I don’t know how they're gonna do what they got to do...Would you do something that would make them feel good and make me feel good? If you ever generously tipped a wait staff in your life, I hope you make this their greatest day ever.”

That wasn’t what sold Carol Seibles, a waitress who has worked at the Lizard's Thicket Restaurant for seven years, on Huckabee. After Huckabee’s speech, she said she liked the part where he talked about how the current tax system needed to be revamped.

“When you’re working hard and the government is taking all your making, working hard and they’re sleeping while you’re working and you still got to pay? I understand, I like what he said,” Seibles said. “He’s the man for me.”

Huckabee supports a so-called "fair" tax, which would basically replace income tax with a national sales tax.

Seibles said she didn’t know who she was going to vote for before his visit this morning – she said she doesn't have time to pay attention to the news. She added when she’s not working, she’s spending time with her three children and a lot of time in the car, driving more than thirty miles a day to work six days a week.