It's time for a change! Mike Huckabee 2008

Not only are the Democrats fearful of a Huckabee win, Establishment Republicans are too.

Illinois legislators predict Huckabee will be overtaken
By Aaron Chambers, Rockford Register Star

What’s clear is that Republicans nationally are reeling over Huckabee’s decisive victory in Iowa on Thursday night. The Baptist minister and former Arkansas governor bounded from relative obscurity to GOP frontrunner in a matter of months — and without the help of an expansive, well-funded organization.In Illinois, Republican leaders — all of whom are working for other presidential candidates — doubt that ultra-conservative Huckabee will continue to win states such as New Hampshire and Michigan, which will vote ahead of this state’s Feb. 5 primary.

We Beg to differ!
It's time for a change in leadership . . . at all levels of Government.