Mike Huckabee 2007 Communicator of the Year

Mike Huckabee was named the #1 Communicator of 2007 by one of the top communication coaches in the country (coaches Chuck Schwab, Olympians, and other leaders).

At http://www.deckerblog.com there is the Top Ten Best (and Worst) Communicators of 2007, and Mike Huckabee rightfully tops the list.

This year's List of Top Communicators highlights the best (and worst) from business, politics, entertainment and sports. Take a look to see how communications skills helped make or break these notable individuals.

1. Gov. Mike Huckabee - What but for communicating would get a presidential candidate so far so fast?

A few months ago Huckabee was almost an unknown. Now he is a front runner for the Republican Presidential nomination, and probably the fastest rise ever from relative obscurity to the cover of the weekly newsmagazines. Governor Huckabee is open in style, authentic, natural and amazingly great at thinking (and speaking) on his feet. He tells stories, and connects with people. (See more detail here.) Powerful tools when you have to build trust and credibility visually, quickly and mostly through TV. And powerful tools for a leader. Although he has a conservative constituency, they alone could not get him this far this fast. It is his communicating.