The Brody File Reacts to the GOP Debate
June 5, 2007

Who were the winners and losers tonight? The list of losers does not exist. The top tier candidates all did well. There were no testy moments between Romney, McCain and Giuliani. But the way I see it, they should have company in the top tier after tonight...and I'm not talking about Fred Thompson.

It’s appropriate that Tuesday night’s Republican debate took place in the Granite state because tonight Mike Huckabee was solid as a rock. This is now the third debate where he has done well but tonight he cranked I up to another level. There was a passion in his voice tonight. He made an incredible eloquent case when he talked about God, creation, fighting radical Islam and the life issue. If social conservatives are looking for a presidential candidate to fight for their issues across the board, they can look no further than Mike Huckabee. But the magic of Huckabee tonight was that he took the pro-life issue and besides calling it the greatest moral issue of the day, he broadened it out and talked about respect for life outside the womb. Great answer and a great way to bring more moderates and others into the fold. A winning night all around, Memo to mainstream media: when does Mike Huckabee start getting mentioned as part of the top tier?