"The man is funny and the man is eloquent," CBS' Jeff Greenfield said.

CNN's Jeffrey Toobin considered Huckabee more articulate than any of the other GOP candidates or even the Democrats, who debated on Sunday.

"I thought the most eloquent person I heard, either tonight or Sunday night, was Mike Huckabee," Toobin said. "I thought his answer about evolution and his one about what it means to be pro-life were breathtaking."

From HumanEvents.com:
Candidate to watch: Mike Huckabee. Impressive in debates and a record of executive competency, he shows potential to break out of the second tier. In an interview last week with Human Events he demonstrated his skillful, direct communication skills when he commented about Islamic terrorists: “This is an enemy that believes they are on a mission, as the Blues Brothers would say, a mission from God, and when you can negotiate with another person, but you can’t negotiate with god. It’s an absolute.” If money and organization follow good reviews, he may make news in Ames this summer.

Real Clear Politics says "last time Huckabee made an impression with humor. This time he did it with oratory."

Continuing, RCP says "Huckabee took what could have been a difficult question for some and turned it into an eloquent defense of his belief in God which I suspect resonated with a great number of Americans, regardless of their politics."