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Viva Huckabee!

New Republic's "The Plank" written by: Noam Scheiber

Here's when I realized Mike Huckabee might be on the verge of something: Shortly after 1 o'clock, Laura Ingraham, our intrepid emcee, introduced each of the straw poll candidates. Because Romney was speaking immediately after the introductions, and because he'd clearly bused in the most people from around the state--"Team Romney" apparently had one bus for each of Iowa's 99 counties--you expected the Hilton Coliseum audience to be fanatically behind him. And, judging from the crowd reaction--and the sea of yellow T-shirts the Romney campaign had outfitted its supporters in--it clearly was. Thereafter, each candidate was introduced to respectful applause. Tom Tancredo. John Cox. Ron Paul. (Okay, John Cox received a slightly less than "respectful" round of applause. But even I have no clue who John Cox is and I was covering the event...) Finally, Ingraham got to Huckabee, at which point the crowd erupted all over again.

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