They Like Mike!

This Article was in The Politico

By: Mike Allen Aug 5, 2007
At a Drake Diner screening of the GOP debate in Iowa, Huckabee wins new fans for being, well, a regular guy.

DES MOINES -- Going into Sunday's Republican presidential debate, most of the Iowans noshing on English muffins in the sun room of the neon-bedecked Drake Diner had never heard of Mike Huckabee, or knew very little about the ex-preacher and former governor of Arkansas.But by the debate’s end, they knew a lot more — and liked what they saw. “He speaks to you — he doesn’t try and make everything seem like the correct answer,” Jesse Fetters, 26, a FedEx handler from Des Moines, told The Politico afterward. “He just tells you his answer.”

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