Sign Mike Huckabee's Birthday Card

A note from Janet Huckabee

Today I would like you to help me do something for my husband Mike Huckabee's upcoming birthday on August 24.

Please sign his online birthday card below and forward it to your friends, family members and co-workers and ask them to sign his card.

My hope is that thousands of individuals will join our family in wishing Mike a very happy birthday. He has spent so much of his time lately on the road campaigning that I know he is looking forward to a quiet day at home with family and friends.

When I am not campaigning with Mike he sends me many updates about the warm, optimistic and hopeful people he meets on the campaign trail. It is clear from his updates that the people he has met from Florida to New Hampshire to Iowa to California and everywhere in between have helped energize him along the way.

Thank you. Mike believes in America and he has a hopeful and optimistic view of our country. He is campaigning to lift America up and make it a better place for everyone.

I know you share in his hopes and that is why I knew you would want me to reach out to you and give you the opportunity to wish Mike a very Happy Birthday!

Sign his birthday card today and then forward it to your friends, family members and co-workers and please ask them for me to sign Mike's card as well.

With warm regards,
Janet Huckabee

Sign the Birthday Card!