What would lunch be like with Mike Huckabee?

Des Moines Register News Columnist

August 31, 2007

Two things are to be considered when sitting down for lunch and a chat with Mike Huckabee.

First, remember that he is an ordained Baptist minister, so watch the language and pass up having a short beer - even though we're in a brew pub.

Second, the former Arkansas governor lost 100 pounds, ran four marathons, authored a book on responsible eating and has turned into a bit of a health nut.

But what the heck.

I ordered fries with my barbecued pork sandwich, and asked why a nice, seemingly normal person would want to ease himself into the muck and run for president.

"Because I don't know any better," shot back Huckabee - who, in case you're wondering, ordered soup, a salad and a side of tomatoes. "No, I'm kidding."