Dan Bartlett Likes Mike

Dan Bartlett - Huckabee is "the Best Candidate"

Dan Bartlett, as the former counselor to President George W. Bush, was responsible for all aspects of strategic communications planning and was involved in the formulation of policy and the implementation of the administration's agenda.

The WashingtonPost.com reports that Dan Bartlett (former long-time White House advisor) spoke before the US Chamber of Commerce. His entire speech is online HERE. Towards the end of his speech, Mr. Bartlett gives his evaluation of the current Republican Presidential field. In the speech This is a summary of what he said about the GOP Candidates. The best candidate - Mike Huckabee Bartlett called him the "most articulate, visionary candidate of anybody in the field." He continued by saying that the more he watched him in interviews, speeches... "the more impressed I become." Also, he described Governor Huckabee as the candidate "who takes issues that are typically a problem from a messaging standpoint, Social Issues" and he communicates them in a "very positive and articulate way".