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Gene Edward Veith, executive director of the Cranach Institute at Concordia Theological Seminary and culture editor of WORLD Magazine, regularly offers excellent insights and great discussion questions at his blog, Cranach.

A new post on Cranach, entitled Woes of the Christian Right, puzzles over why conservative Christian political activists aren’t rallying around presidential candidate Mike Huckabee – “who is not just trying to get the Christian conservative votes but is a Christian conservative himself” – instead of wringing their hands over whether to reconcile themselves to Giuliani’s social liberalism or Romney’s Mormonism and flip-flopping.

Veith writes: “The argument that he can’t win is ridiculous at the primary stage. Of course he can’t win if people who like him won’t vote for him because he can’t win. Some of the same people who think this way about Huckabee are contemplating a Third Party candidate – do they think he can win?”

Mark Kelly has more

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