Huckabee in the news! Spread the word!

Governor Huckabee is continuing to garner great press from his incredible weekend, and recent endorsement of conservative activist/actor Chuck Norris.

CBN News has a great interview with the Governor post-debate, and follow up article found here.

TIME Magazine takes a deeper look into the Governor's speech at the Value Voters conference and how he is courting religious voters.

USA Daily proclaims "Mike Huckabee Scoring With Social Conservatives" in an excellent article found here.

Anteater at had glowing things to say about the Governor's speech at the conference and what it could mean.

Jonathan Alter at Newsweek offers up "The Case for Mike Huckabee".

The Boston Globe says that "Huckabee is outrunning his GOP Companions".

UPI news has the Governor's latest comments on the Iraqi situation.

Real Clear Politics asks "What if Huckabee Wins Iowa?" and has a fantastic graph to show the Governor's statistical rise in the state.

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