Email to Gary Bauer: Repent!

Email to Gary Bauer

Mr. Bauer:

You, Tony Perkins, Mark Demoss and Richard Land are seriously compromising Christian principles and values for a perceived political win. At best I think you will assure a win for Democrats.

I will not compromise.

Christians should be involved in the political process, they should have influence but my friend we do not abandon our principles to win politically. When we do, we lose, because we become what we are opposed to.

For the first time in a long time, we have a Christian man driven by principle, a man of strong character, a man who lives what he believes, a man we can trust, a man who by his very nature can restore dignity and trust of the Office of President, a man who has more experience than any other candidate, a man who is electable.

And you have turned your back on him and endangered my family.

Count the cost, my friend. You and your co-leaders failure to stand behind Mike may cost not just the election in 2008 but will cost you your leadership position with me and thousands upon thousands of others. I think you guys need to get the message:
We want Uncompromising Leadership.

I also think you and the others should apologize to Bill Clinton. Apparently Character is not the issue.

"it is better to trust in the Lord, than to put confidence in man. It is better to trust in the Lord. than to put confidence in princes." Psalm 118:8-9

Praying for God's intervention in the hearts of our most prominent Christian Leaders,

email let him know what you think!

If you know Tony Perkins, Mark Demoss or Richard Land's email please send it to me.

Are you with me on this!

I have had enough of our failure as Christians to allow God to act. We have been spiraling downward for decades and we must turn society around. We can only do this by living a life of trusting God in obedience to His will and the principles of His Word.

We have all these huge Christian Institutions guiding the Christian forces against evil but we are losing our significance in the world. We have become so busy telling others how bad they are and trying to stop legislation that we didn't have time to tell them how good God is.

We change the world through changed lives.

Now to influence the powers of government our Christian leaders are now saying, we must compromise in order to (hopefully) legislate our morals back into society.

Contact every Christian leader you know and ask them to email, write or phone these men and vote for Mike at the Family Research Council site. (link below)