Proof Mike Huckabee is First Tier: The attacks have begun

The Democrats fear more than anything in the world . . .(including Nuclear Holocaust, yes we can use that word for inhuman murder of people in unfathomable numbers, like 48.5 million children in the womb over three decades.). . .a republican victory. A RINO victory wouldn't be so bad but still not preferred.

And an even deeper fear that literally stops their cold bleating hearts would be a victory by Mike Huckabee whose Christian views that this nation was built on Christian principles could revert this country back to accountability, decency and, the horror, the destruction of the ruling classes of both parties.

So it's time for those opposing him on both sides of the isle to find any means any innuendo, any half truth or outright lie to discredit him.

Watch for these key words: (By the way these are sheep in wolves clothing)
"I like Mike but"
"I am a conservative Republican but"
"I would vote for Mike but he just can't win"
"He's not truly conservative"
"He raised taxes"
and a variety of other things left to the imagination.

These statements will influence some and be repeated in ignorance, but those who research will find all the old mud still has no substance.

Our friend at Huckabee Hound notes:
The Attack Dogs are Coming Out Against Huckabee
As I search the Google News results for the search query "Mike Huckabee" I am noticing a rapid increase in negative articles on the Gov., although there are plenty of positive ones too.

Now, you may think it bad news to have an increase in some negative articles, but really it's showing that Huck is gaining so fast and furiously that people simply can't ignore him anymore.

Drudge is also continuing to link to negative articles about Huck.

The attacks dogs are coming out with great ferocity because Huckabee has shown that he is a true force to be reckoned with.

But the Huckabee train isn't stopping, so either get on board or move out of the way.