No Spin Needed; Huckabee wins debate!

Comments from the Frank Luntz focus group who were polled in real time throughout the debate on FOX News Channel:

"They need to give Mike Huckabee more time to talk."

"I was a Thompson supporter before this, but Mike Huckabee won me over."

"Mike Huckabee has good ideas, but they give him one question then they give Rudy 3 …they have to let Huckabee talk."
"Clinton was an unknown governor from Arkansas, Mike Huckabee will break through."
"These guys told me that Huckabee would win the debate and I just laughed at them. Now that I’ve heard him, I’m changing my support to Mike Huckabee."
Frank Lutz said “Mike Huckabee had a very good night at this debate - even without a lot of time to talk”.