Huckabee Supporters: We are on our way to Victory!

A new Rasmussen poll now shows Mike Huckabee rising to 8% nationally. More evidence of a surge in support.

For weeks the campaign has seen a surge in website traffic and now we are seeing rising poll numbers nationally and also in key states.

What is so encouraging about our 8%, is that in spite of having only spent $1.6 million since February Mike is only 1% point behind Senator John McCain and 5% points behind Governor Mitt Romney (Governor Romney has spent a staggering $52.8 million! so far).

The first Rasmussen Reports poll of the Iowa Republican Caucus for 2008 finds former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney enjoying a six-point lead while former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee are virtually tied for second!
With your support we can do better than Governor Romney's 13%. In fact, we can win Iowa and take the momentum we would gain from a win in Iowa and go on to surprise folks in New Hampshire and South Carolina.
The key to growing our 8% into 13%, and then building our campaign into a winning margin of votes in the early states is your making the decision to financially support our campaign.

Contribute today! Our future is at stake.

VOTE for Govenor Huckabee online at FRC, for the "Washington Briefing: A Call to Action" Straw Poll. for a minimum of $1 you can become a member and cast your vote for Governor Huckabee help get others involved, a FRC Straw Poll Drive is being held by blogger, 'I Heart Huckabee', here.
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