Gary Bauer, Tony Perkins, Richard Land and Mark Demoss should apologize to Bill Clinton

Didn't Bill Clinton once say character is not the issue.

What did these men say then?

What are they saying now?

I think they owe Bill Clinton and the Christian Community and especially Mike Huckabee an apology.

Let's make sure Mike wins!
VOTE for Govenor Huckabee online at FRC, for the "Washington Briefing: A Call to Action" Straw Poll. for a minimum of $1 you can become a member and cast your vote for govenor huckabee help get others involved, a FRC Straw Poll Drive is being held by blogger, 'I Heart Huckabee', here.

Could Huckabee be Mr. Right?
By: Jonathan Martin Oct 14, 2007 on Politico
Mike Huckabee may be the candidate for both evangelicals and the Christian right.

Social conservatives can stop looking for their perfect presidential candidate. There is one Republican who, given his credentials, would appear the likeliest to rally evangelicals and others on the Christian right.

He is resolutely anti-abortion, supports a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage and is a man of deep faith. He has been elected — and reelected — to statewide office in a Democratic-leaning state.

And he’s right under their noses: Mike Huckabee. But evangelical leaders are not flocking to their brother in Christ, as Huckabee, despite his political and personal values, remains far behind other less “pure” Republican contenders in the presidential sweepstakes.

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