What a weekend: Huckabee Surfs in Iowa

Governor Huckabee has an incredible weekend in Iowa, where he gave a rousing performance at the Surf Ballroom and addressed the Iowa GOP at the Lincoln Reagan dinner.

Iowa Independent has a post up on the speeches at the dinner. Here's a snippet:
Fred Thompson may have gotten more laughs during his speech, but surging Mike Huckabee received the only genuine standing ovation of the night when six Republican presidential candidates spoke to attendees at the annual Reagan Dinner at Hy-Vee Hall in downtown Des Moines.

The Christian Post looks into the Governor's rise in polls and the attacks that have followed.
Louise Roug of the Los Angeles Times offers commentary from the event at the Surf Ballroom.
The Governor announced his updated South Carolina leadership team. Check out his endorsements here.

USA Today's "On Politics" has a recap of some of the highlights of the Governor's appearance on CNN's Late Edition.

Massachussets for Huckabee has an article from the Pittsburg Tribune-Review.
If you're a student interested in helping out the campaign, please shoot an e-mail to students (at) explorehuckabee.com. The coalition is going to begin heating up over the next few weeks.