Shame on you! Greed & pride may be the reason several Christian leaders don't support Mike Huckabee

During the last several months I have been scratching my head, trying to figure out why many of our prominent Christian leaders have been so reluctant to support the candidate they should obviously support. I have expressed my deep disappointment in them, especially Tony Perkins, Gary Bauer, Richard Land and Marc DeMoss. I now have very little respect for any of them and will never support any of the organizations they are a part of.

I think Marc Ambinder writing for The Atlantic may be on to something in this article.
"...the SoCon establishment in Washington (the men listed above as an example) fears Huckabee because Huckabee can empower social conservatives DIRECTLY, without the mediating influence, or dollars, of the SoCon establishment."

This is a long run on sentence but stay with me:
It's hard to raise money (Greed) from Christians (scared to death of what Government will do) for organizations whose purpose is to "fight for Christian moral principles" (ineffectively, after all salaries, slick brochures, modern structures and travel expenses etc are paid for) in Washington, when there is a sitting President who will fight for Christian moral principles. These organizations become less important unless they move into a supportive roll. They would have to assist the President. There's less glory. (Pride)

These men have become part of the Washington establishment which has nearly destroyed us. There is still time for them to have a change of heart. Let's hope they will before they destroy the once great institutions they lead(are paid by).

Marc Ambinder Article Here